Premier Judges Review

Grand Prize & Best Concept Award

Blu Steven
This is a very high quality production from a technical standpoint. The cinematography is exceptional with lighting, tracking, framing and focus depth-of-field all beautifully executed.
Similarly, the selection of different music tracks greatly adds to the clarity of storytelling and emotional buy-in for the audience. This is a very gently based production which makes it successful in letting the audience experience the solitude and frustration that visually impaired people often suffer.
A very good video well made with sensitivity and careful thought. Great effort.

Yuichi Ito
With the use of stable camera work, great song selection, and narration, this drama was very well done. This video shows very well the lack of communication amongst teenagers, very good theme.

Sheril Antonio
Very important story. Portrayed the complexities of both sides in this situation as well as inner life and outer (larger) world.

Best Storytelling Award

Jun’ichi Nakata
A solid story. From shooting to editing, the video was beautifully created to the last detail. The acting was very well done.

Sheril Antonio
Excellent use of time, props and story from child`s perspective.

Lucksana Klaikao
Great performance, esp. the girls, and action directing made a good drama movie.
The production and post- production is good.
The story and plot of the stepmother-and-daughter based tragedy is so dramatic it can impact general viewers.

Best Witness Award

Yuichi Ito
This video is great because it shows the circus`s pride and love for what they do. Did a very good job of showing both the fun and harsh realities of working at a circus, a real point of view. A very original piece of work.
Fantastic editing. Great selection of BGM, giving it a bright feel.

Blu Steven
Quite a charming video due in part to its cheerful music track. The technique of using an altered colour-grade on re-framed close-ups taken from wider shots was nice and added to the interest of this video.
It was good to hear the range of questions posed to the interview subjects being related across multiple respondents - this gave the story’s message extra credibility and allows the audience to form a deeper understanding of the subject family’s lifestyle.
Perhaps greater detail about the background of the circus’s formation from two split families, and it’s borderline financial status as revealed in the entry notes would have added to the intrigue of the final video but nevertheless…well done!
It’s great to read that the students involved in this entry will be assisting the circus with it’s promotion in the future - a good example of how Kids Witness News develops entrants into capable and contributing members of society.

Lucksana Klaikao
From its smooth editing and various pictures, the mood and tone of the story is catchy.
Great documentary production.

Global Citizen Award

Lucksana Klaikao
Simple but powerful story telling of community-based environmental documentary.
This real and impressive story reveals many news sources and various pictures from many places and situations presenting the team’s hard work.
The story from the eyes of KWN students can characterize the viewpoint clearly.

Blu Steven
This is a strong story about the ability of children to identify a social situation and make great efforts to help.
The students have prepared an inspirational story about how the combination of the efforts of many young people can make a big difference to a community. It was fantastic to see the effort these students put in to successfully raise money and awareness for their community.
The marathon run scenes would have been challenging to film and this team has done a good job of getting the most coverage out of this ‘one-off’ event.

Jun'ichi Nakata
A great challenge creating a documentary around a real event (marathon) The children prepare very well creating this documentary around a real event where there are no retakes.

Contemporary Imagery Award

Guido Weihermuller
This video is a very well-directed and edited film. The use of filmic elements such as slow motion is used professionally. I also liked the fact that you chose to base your film on a true story.

Jun'ichi Nakata
The combination of video and music tells a strong message, having the feel of KWN journalism; it focuses on the troubles with addiction of Selfies within the young generation.

Yuichi Ito
This video is about a girl committing suicide because of losing a selfie contest.
Looks like a “based on a true story” movie. It looks very stressful trying to take the best selfie; good acting. Perhaps a voice narration at the end scene showing the 200 selfies would have added a bit of an impact, nonetheless very impressive.
Video production is very high, done like a professional.

Creative Media Award

Sheril Antonio
Good use of Animated Introduction to documentary-style presentation of important information.

Guido Weihermuller
This video shows an interesting subject and delivers a clear message.

Yuichi Ito
Opening animation is excellent! The reporter in this video did favorably.

Best Editing Award

Jun'ichi Nakata
Very impressive work that strongly show the dangers of SNS. The structure felt like a feature film, impacting there message.

Blu Steven
This is a remarkable video in so many ways. The initial concept is well considered and a topical one. With such a weighty subject matter it is very pleasing to see the technical expertise and sensitivity that was brought to bear on producing the resultant video.
This entry has used visual and audio techniques to greatly enhance the impact of the story. Already blessed with a great on-camera performance by the lead actress the use of jump cuts, memory flashbacks, clever graphics and character voice treatments makes this a top effort all round.

Guido Weihermuller
This video is an outstanding film with good storytelling and a lot of creative ideas.
Especially the professional use of visual effects and music/sound is impressive to me.

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