Grand Prix & Best Concept Award
Blind's Diary
Montfort College

The students try to understand and bring awareness to the obstacles the visually impaired faces everyday.

Best Storytelling Award
Happy Birthday
Beijing Haidian Wanquan Primary School

With a new step mother and step sister, we witness a story of a little girl who becomes the black sheep of the family.

Best Witness Award
Living Differently - Circus Mulan
Secondary School Isernhagen

What is life like in a traveling family circus? The students in this documentary gives us an exclusive behind the scenes look.

Global Citizen Award
Run! Nako-ichi Run!... for Fukushima
Nakoso 1st Junior High School

With Fukushima still affected by the influences of the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, with high spirits the students get involved with the "Charity Relay Marathon". - "Keeping the story alive"

Contemporary Imagery Award
Benoni Secondary School Papar, Sabah, Malaysia

Are you a selfie addict? The students gives us a glimpse of one girls story and how this phenomenon consumes her.

Creative Media Award
Social ME-dia
Clementi Town Secondary School

What is your "self-worth" through social media? Through real-life relationships? This video uses animation to show how people precieve there “self-worth”

Best Editing Award
Val Verde High School

A young teenage girl falls head over heels with a boy through the internet. What happenes to her when they finally meet?

Premier Judges - KWN Global Contest Premier Judges for 2015 -

Jun'ichi Nakata

Jun'ichi Nakata

KWN Global Office

General Manager
Corporate Advertising Office
Advertising Department
Groupwide Brand Communications Division
Panasonic Corporation

Guido Weihermuller

Guido Weihermuller


Film Director,

Sheril Antonio

Sheril Antonio


Arts Professor in the Department of Arts Politics at New York University

Blu Steven

Blu Steven

New Zealand

TV commercial producer, director, writer
Managing Director, WANTED Film Production Ltd.

Lucksana Klaikao

Lucksana Klaikao


Asst. Prof.of Rangsit University
Department of Radio and Television
Faculty of Communication Arts

Yuichi Ito

Yuichi Ito


Professor of Animation,
Graduate School of Film and New Media,
Tokyo University of the Arts
Executive Director of Japan Animation Association

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