Messages from our Finalists

Messages from the teams that were selected as finalists. Here are the thoughts & backstories behind each video.

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Beijing Haidian Wanquan Primary School

Message from our Finalist

The children wanted to say they feel very tired doing many things, every day. The children of China, especially in the capital Beijing are facing high competitive pressures. They will definitely be very educated but it is far beyond what they can undertake at their age. Sometimes they just want to have some fun.


Assumption Samutprakarn School

Message from our Finalist

The main idea of this is to make everyone aware of what they are doing. If you aren’t good at anything, you will need to try hard and overcome all the struggles. If you are good at something, you still need to practice and not be careless. In a competition, the important thing is not about winning or losing, but having true sportsmanship and willingness of making this world a better place.


Long Sepiling Primary School

Message from our Finalist

From this video, the students of Long Sepiling Primary School tries to highlight the lessons and the moral values focusing on the use of hands. Hands are one of the most beneficial parts given by god. Damage are made from hand, but with hand we also fix. Hands connect us humans. It even connects us with our Creator.

Secondary Category Secondary Category


Fukushima Prefectural Iwaki Senior High School

Message from our Finalist

Some people will be saved by your unconscious generous actions. Some closed hearts will open from your unconscious actions. We created this film, because we wish to tell the message, “there are messages transmitted just with actions.”



Message from our Finalist

To look behind the scenes of the Wirsberg Studios - that is a tempting offer for some viewers. With the last production, everybody understands what it means to work and survive professionally in the film industry. And of course the full richness of all the experiences so far was able to slip into the production. By watching the film it shows clearly on the trials and tribulations of making a movie. The team is fully aware of the fact that making a movie requires a wide range of professional abilities!

United Arab Emirates

Elite Private School

Message from our Finalist

If we try to put ourselves in their shoes we connect to them indefinitely as human beings and through sympathy we hear each other’s afflictions.


Montfort College

Message from our Finalist

We would like to introduce to you our story about people with major depressive disorder. Recently our world has this growing problem. We want everyone to understand the patients thoughts and feeling to treat them.

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