Messages from the teams that were selected as finalists. Here are the thoughts & backstories behind each video.

Primary Category Primary Category
Ordinary Days Ordinary Days

We are poor orphans. We only know the orphanage, the school, the church and the farm. This is how we spend time in our everyday lives.  Show us your day. We want to see the world.

Sunshine After Rain Sunshine After Rain

Factors behind primary school dropouts in Malaysia are child marriage, poverty, lack of interest in studies, health problems, disability and social problems. An example, buying a pair of new shoes or socks is not a problem for children living in the city but it may be a problem for village children. Most of the students in these areas are willing to work after school/weekends for money. Sometimes sacrificing a higher education. One of the important ways to stop poverty.

Shiro and the Furoshiki Shiro and the Furoshiki

Though we benefit from the ocean, we have been dumping garbage and killing sea life.  Using one of Japan's old traditions, we can eliminate the trash and save nature. The  convenient and eco-friendly Furoshiki .

Secondary Category Secondary Category

From setting up Interviews, shooting and editing, we wanted to convey Rak's life to the people. A boy who only earns 4000 baht per bout to take care of his family.

I'm okay I'm okay

We want children to understand that you don’t have to be these celebrities or social media stars to be someone in this world. Teens are often given the false impression that everyone else's life is full of happiness, travel, amazing experiences comparing their lives with the people they follow.

Treasure Treasure

Malaysia produces an average of 30,000 ton of waste every day. However, 40% of it does not go into proper trash bins. Think before you throwaway. 

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