These are the winning videos from our local contest around the world. The KWN Contest is divided into 2 categories, the “Primary School Category” and “Secondary School Category”. The Grand Prix winner will be selected in both categories.

North America North America

Students became aware of various environmental issues around them. They worked together to find solutions.

A young teen is discouraged after finding out she has to attend community service. She soon realizes that volunteering can change your perspective.

A teenage girl who is trying to accept herself, lets other influences get in the way.

Latin America Latin America

In a world where everyone is born with a congenital disability, having all the senses is considered different. To fit in, Mucio pretends to be mute. This decision causes problems with his virtual friend, Cecilia.

Middle East / Africa Middle East / Africa

Students performs a play showing the detrimental impact of deforestation on millions of species.

KWN UAE raises awareness of the consequences of excessive social media use, especially the way smart phones distract us from reality.

Highlights of the everyday activities of an orphanage in Tanzania in order to educate the rest of the world to what life is like for them.

By telling Herman's story, the children of Tanzania shows us that education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself.

Asia Asia

While training for a competition, a young member of the school’s aerobics team learns how to persist through failure, with the help of her teammates.

Through a mother's flashbacks, this film tells the story of a secondary student losing his life to drug abuse.

Two students discover the detrimental effects of ocean pollution from their friend, Shiro. KWN Japan shows us the good/convenient/eco-friendly "Furoshiki" is not only for Japan but for the entire world.

KWN Japan shows us loneliness and joy that everyone experiences. A story of a friendship when a deaf person joins a new school.

Rain seeks out a job because he envies his wealthy classmates. After finding a job, Rain soon realizes the importance of an education.

We are shown the importance of throwing rubbish in their proper dust bins. The students help their peer learn about the growing issue of waste in Malaysia.   

Satang lacks self-confidence. She becomes inspired by her new friend, Rung, who has a hearing disability and uses art to communicate with others.

Rak a grade student competes in boxing competitions in order to take care of his family.

After receiving an unwanted gift on his birthday, the boy becomes angry at his mother. His teacher realizing his anger teaches him that a birthday is more than a celebration about ones birth.

Students from Vietnam shows us how to free a gold fish while raising awareness of water pollution on the environment.

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KWN is a global hands-on video education program for students supported by Panasonic. Contributing to the realization “ A Better Life, A Better World”.