Report on Panasonic’s Participation in Rainbow Festa! 2023

Photo: Group of participants with smiles on their faces Photo: Group of participants with smiles on their faces

Rainbow Festa! 2023 was held at the Ogimachi Park in Osaka, Japan on October 7 (Sat.) and 8 (Sun.). In the parade of the second day, many people from Panasonic Group took part, strutting down the avenues of Osaka with rainbow-colored flags representing LGBTQ allies. Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd. also acted as an event sponsor to make the parade a wonderful occasion.

All information and persons is accurate to the time of the events.

What Is “Rainbow Festa!”?

“Rainbow Festa!” is one of the largest events in Kansai where LGBTQ persons living in the area, their allies, and local supporters get together to express and respect diversity in sexual orientation. The theme of the Festa was “All is fine.” In the two days, 28,000 participants visited the site where there was a colorful stage as well as booths for various events for participants to express themselves and communicate with each other.

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Kansai Rainbow Parade

Panasonic Group has participated in the Kansai Rainbow Parade for two consecutive years. The Group secretariat of this event included the members from the Panasonic Rainbow Network (PRN), a community of LGBTQ persons and their allies (supporters). The total number of participants from the Group added up to about 250, including Panasonic employees with their families and friends, wearing T-shirts with the rainbow-colored Group logo.

Regardless of the untimely rain, the participants shared their raincoats or plastic bags and started with smiles on their faces! They marched down the main avenues with other teams and people along the load chanting “Happy Pride!” and waving their rainbow-colored flags for about 90 minutes.

Photo: A scene from the Kansai Rainbow Parade

Voices from Participants

Voices from Executives