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Grand Prix & Best Screenplay Award

Forever Emily [New Zealand] Mount Aspiring College(Secondary School)

A teenage girl is faced with deep sadness at the sudden loss of a close friend. This film tells the moving story of how, through an extraordinary experience, she accepts the loss of her friend and regains her own aspirations.

Love is all around- "friends"of love in the picture

[China] Beijing Yucai Primary School (Primary School)

A young boy who loves drawing, starts fundraising activities for a very ill friend. The video - based on a true story - shows how one young friend's love can make a big difference.

Only 2 Cents

[Germany] Montessori Middle School, Düsseldorf (Secondary School)

Every child loves Chocolate. In this film, many of those connected to its production are interviewed in order to highlight the plight of child laborers involved in the harvesting of chocolate's raw ingredient - cocoa.

The Girls Who Crossed Nomugi Pass

[Japan] Nagawa Junior High School(Secondary School)

In the harsh conditions of 100 years ago, why did a group of young girls have to cross snowy a mountain pass at -10℃ While looking back to past, this video also looks forward to the social issues of the present and future.


[Malaysia] Section 9 Secondary School, Selangor(Secondary School)

If one thinks about it, there are many ways to study. In this story, a young boy who loves English but has no text books, devises a simple way to study the language.

The K-Factor Award is awarded to videos with creative use of technology and how much the KWN motto 'The World Through Their Eyes' is reflected.

Birds' Rebellion

[Russia] Yaroslavl gymnasium named after Saint Ignatius Bryanchaninov, Jolly Heels Studio(Secondary School)

It is the year 2047. 35 years earlier - during a state of environmental destruction - the birds of the cities flock and attack, bringing the world's machines and factories grinding to a halt. As a result, humans return to a more human life.

The five-member Finals judging panel selected the winning videos.
Five experts from the movie industry and the press in different countries chose the winning entry from the six finalists.
KWN Global Contest 2013 Premier Judges
Ian Cameron


Chief Executive Officer, Ian Cameron Media & Communications Ltd.

Formerly Editor News, BBC Nations and Regions

Othman Hafsham


Film Director and Managing Director, Cinematic Sdn. Bhd.

Yuichi Ito


Professor of Animation, Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts

Executive Director, Japan Animation Association

Darrell Spinks


President and Producer, Front Row Productions

Blu Steven

New Zealand

Producer and Managing Director,
WANTED Film Production Ltd.