Beijing Yucai Primary School (Primary School)[China]
Love is all around-"friends"of love in the picture
Message from the Team

Love (friendship) has the power to overcome cowardice, shyness and even the terrible pain of illness.
This film points out that the strength to take action over affairs of the heart can lead to great success.

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Montessori Middle School, D?sseldorf (Secondary School)[Germany]
Only 2 Cents
Message from the Team

This film focuses on the issues of poverty and child labor in connection with cocoa production.
Students demonstrate an idea that can help the cocoa farmers and their children - an idea that anyone
can be part of. We are promoting the idea of "Only 2 Cents"...

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Nagawa Junior High School (Secondary School)[Japan]
The Girls Who Crossed Nomugi Pass
Message from the Team

100 years ago girls struggled in a desperately harsh environment. Under the poor social conditions
of the time, they had little choice. We now live in times where men and women can live similar lives.
But is this really the case? Do we live in a world that those girls would have wanted to be born in?
We’d like to consider this with people from around the world.

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Section 9 Secondary School, Selangor (Secondary School)[Malaysia]
Message from the Team

This film shows the importance of English in communication for Malaysian kids.
It also demonstrates that there are many ways to study English without spending money.

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Mount Aspiring College (Secondary School)[New Zealand]
Forever Emily
Message from the Team

When loved ones die, there’s a feeling of deep loss. Writing down one’s feelings is a way of
helping us to overcome grief.

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Yaroslavl gymnasium named after Saint Ignatius Bryanchaninov, Jolly Heels Studio (Secondary School)[Russia]
Birds' Rebellion
Message from the Team

Ecology is a very serious theme and our idea was also quite dramatic. But we tried to expose it
in a funny, joyful manner. While shooting, we visited a horse farm, cooked outdoors and watched
the sunset together. Through sharing these experiences, our communication improved and day by day,
we found that we could solve some of the problems we had.

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