Report on Panasonic’s Participation in Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2023

Photo: Group photo of smiling participants Photo: Group photo of smiling participants

Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2023 was held at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo on April 22 (Sat.) and 23 (Sun.). Panasonic Connect and Panasonic Holdings were gold sponsors of Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2023. Panasonic Holdings had a booth for the first time at this event, and about 200 employees of the Panasonic Group chose to participate in the parade on the second day.

All information and persons is accurate to the time of the events.

About Tokyo Rainbow Pride

Tokyo Rainbow Pride is an event that spreads awareness of LGBTQ and other sexual minorities in society, and celebrates diversity of gender and lifestyles. Since 2012, the event has been held annually to provide a place for LGBTQ persons and their supporters to connect. 2023’s event was held under the theme of “Press On till Japan Changes.” Many companies, organizations and individuals supported the organizer’s wish to keep working for a future where everyone can live together in a fair and happy society. A total of 240,000 people came to see the colorful booths and stage events at the venue over the two days.

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Panasonic’s Booth

Panasonic Holdings set up a photo booth by professional photographers titled “Family Photo Studio.” Family here refers to a relationship with one’s partner, friends, pets, etc. that makes one feel happy and is not limited to one’s blood-related “family.”

The booth was planned by members of the Panasonic Rainbow Network (PRN), an in-house community of the Panasonic Group, and was brought to fruition by the Normal Lab, a unit within the Panasonic Group that provides consulting services related to DEI. The images taken were encoded into a two-dimensional code on the spot, which could be read to receive the data. In the booth, we also exhibited examples of initiatives to support LGBTQ people and DEI activities undertaken by the Panasonic Group.

About 380 groups of people visited the Family Photo Studio over two days, many of whom were holding rainbow-colored flags bearing the slogan “LGBTQ ALLY Panasonic” and looking like they were having a great time taking photos.

Visitor Comments

Photo: Smiling members of the Normal Lab and the Panasonic Group DEI Promotion Office Photo: Smiling members of the Normal Lab and the Panasonic Group DEI Promotion Office
Members of the Normal Lab and the Panasonic Group DEI Promotion Office, who were in charge of running the booth.


One of the largest parades in Asia was held on the second day of the event, in which the Panasonic Group participated. This was the Panasonic Group’s second appearance at the parade, the first being back in 2019. Around 200 employees, including executives from each of our operating companies, took part in this year’s parade. The parade started out at Yoyogi Park, with the participants walking along Meiji-dori Avenue from Jinnan 1 Chome intersection, and returning to the venue from Meiji-jingumae Station. People wearing rainbow-colored clothing and accessories, which symbolize the event, cheered loudly along the course, and Panasonic Group employees who participated in the parade responded to their support by waving LGBTQ ALLY flags and smiling as they crossed the finish line gate.

Photo: People on the parade Photo: People on the parade
Employees participating in the parade waving the LGBTQ ALLY flags

Comments from Participating Employees

Comments from Participating Executives