Initiatives for SDGs Appliances Company

(This article is as of September 2021)

Photo: Masahiro Shinada, CEO, Appliances Company, Pansonic Corporation / Title: Supporting customers’ well-being with mental and physical wellness technologies

We see business action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as having three dimensions. First, for customers, investors and other members of the public, connections to the SDGs demonstrate the purpose of a business. For employees, it can increase motivation to work at an innovative company that impacts society in positive ways. And for business leaders, the SDGs present real risks and opportunities. For them, the key is to integrate the SDGs with business strategy so that actions are consistent from a stakeholder’s perspective.

Lifestyle appliances and lifestyle infrastructure

Panasonic appliances are close companions that add tangible value to day-to-day life. In an era when healthy life expectancies are longer than ever, we aspire to creating new value in two business areas: lifestyle appliances and lifestyle infrastructure. For lifestyle appliances, an area associated with Panasonic's roots, we are bringing value to people’s lives worldwide as convenience, comfort, beauty, enjoyment and beyond with appliances and associated services related to housekeeping, cooking, beauty care, and more. In lifestyle infrastructure, we are helping decarbonize economies and contribute to safer, more comfortable lifestyles with equipment and systems that use hydrogen energy, natural refrigerants and other technologies that reduce environmental impacts, as well as control systems and services powered by IoT and AI.

Figure Title: The Appliances Company’s business areas for providing customers with "Mental and physical wellness". As part of mental and physical wellness in the era of centenarians, "Lifestyle infrastructure" for the entire space relating to lifestyles, and "Lifestyle appliances" for the home/living space are proposed. The 3 merits which are "Sustainable solutions contributing to safe and comfortable lifestyles", "Clean air technologies and solutions to create spaces that promote well-being", and "New appliances enabling mental and physical wellness" are shown.

Technologies that create clean spaces

The coronavirus pandemic and various measures taken to prevent infection have changed public awareness of cleanliness. As a company involved in all aspects of living spaces, we're responding to these changes with clean air technologies.
nanoe™ technology, developed by Panasonic in 1977, is known by our moisture infusion hair dryers, but it’s also been shown effective in removing or inhibiting bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold, and PM2.5.* That's why we've applied this technology widely, including them not only in Panasonic air conditioners, air purifiers, washing machines, refrigerators and other home appliances, but also — to meet the needs of our B2B and B2G customers — in any space that requires a high degree of safety and comfort, such as automobiles, trains, hotels, and elevators. The technology itself has also evolved with the development of nanoe™ X, which exhibits stronger effects. By providing safe, clean, comfortable and healthy air, we want to provide spaces that promote well-being for people living in these times, and, by extension, contribute to improvements in global public health.
*nanoe™ has an inhibitory effect on viruses, but this does not guarantee protection against infection.

Customer support is crucial for maximizing our impact

Photo: A shot of Masahiro Shinada, CEO, Appliances Company, speaking.

To impact the SDGs through our business, we must deploy Panasonic’s one-of-a-kind technologies in a wide range of products and services. Gaining customer understanding and support with a consistent message is crucial to achieving that. By deploying technologies, products and services that promote mental and physical wellness, we will contribute to achievement of good health and well-being, one of the SDGs.