Initiatives for SDGs Connected Solutions Company

(This article is as of September 2021)

Photo: Yasuyuki Higuchi, CEO, Connected Solutions Company, Panasonic Corporation / Title: Contributing to the achievement of the SDGs through Gemba Process Innovation

The Connected Solutions Company operates as a B2B company serving private and public-sector customers. Our solutions include printed circuit board component mounting systems, welding machines, laptop computers for enterprise users, high-brightness projectors for large-scale events such as the Olympic Games, security systems, and in-flight entertainment systems.

Serving customers through Gemba Process Innovation

Gemba Process Innovation is our business vision. It describes our aim to deliver innovation to solve the various practical and socially relevant problems our customers face in the “gemba” — the frontline operations where things get made, shipped or sold. In particular, we are focusing on frontline operations in the supply chain field where there is a lot of movement of people and things. In manufacturing, logistics, and retail operations, computers have typically been employed to raise productivity, but there are still many extraneous and ad hoc tasks that are performed by human hands. The unique insight and expertise Panasonic has cultivated through manufacturing, as well as the cutting-edge technologies that are Panasonic’s strengths, including image sensing, robotics, AI, and IoT, have a vital role to play in revolutionizing these tasks and processes. By bringing about innovation in our customers’ operations — whether by reducing inventory, cutting energy use and losses from waste, or increasing worker productivity — we plan to be of greater service to our customers.

Figure Title: Gemba Process Innovation – Panasonic will achieve “co-creation” with clients and our partners while solving the various problems of our customers' “gemba” — the frontline operations where things get made, shipped or sold. By contributing to citizens and society, we will aim to work together toward A Better Life, A Better World.

Corporate culture as a foundation for continued value creation

Photo: A shot of Yasuyuki Higuchi, CEO, Connected Solutions Company, speaking.

In a world where digitalization and change move at breakneck speeds, selling good products at competitive prices is no longer a fail-proof business strategy. Like other companies, Panasonic must transform into a company that provides solutions to the frontline problems our customers face. I believe the most important driver of this business transformation is corporate culture. The right strategy grows out of a robust corporate culture.

By fostering a culture that values diversity and inclusion, encourages independent and creative thinking, removes organizational walls with communication that fully leverages IT, and creates new added value, we aim to become an enterprise that delivers value to society over the long run.

By working to create a better, environmentally friendly and sustainable society through Gemba Process Innovation, we will contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).