Messages from the Teams

Nagawa Junior High School - Japan

Memories Beneath the Surface - Message from the Team

During the production of this video we became aware of the history and personal stories associated with a nearby dam and lake, so much a part of our lives that we seldom even thought about them. The electricity that we use every day is a product of the sacrifices and hardships of many people. We want everyone who uses electricity to learn the history of our local dam and the memories associated with it.

Intellectual Residential School - Russia

The Glass of Pure Water - Message from the Team

We already have to pay for clean water. If we don’t begin to think about ecology now, we may soon have to pay money for clean air. This is what gave us the idea for this film.

Primary School of Rudolf Dilong in Trstena - Slovakia

Do Not Destroy But Save - Message from the Team

The objective of this video is to call attention to differences in how we relate to the environment compared to our predecessors. The Earth is entrusted to us by our children, and each of us must contribute to the improvement of the Earth by small but meaningful actions.

Val Verde High School  - USA

Without Me - Message from the Team

Teen suicide is a growing problem. Our realization that suicide is one of the leading causes of death among teenagers today was the catalyst for this video.
The video is the story of a teenager who is struggling with various issues. As he thinks about suicide, a mysterious happening causes him to realize that his death would bring tremendous pain to others. The message we want to convey is that death is permanent, much too high a price to pay as a solution for temporary problems.

Sembawang Secondary School  - Singapore

Mad About Water - Message from the Team

This video is a documentary about a city boy who undertakes an experiment to save water. As a result of his experiment, we learn that it is possible to significantly reduce water usage. Water is precious. We should not take it for granted.

Point Chevalier School  - New Zealand

The Mangroves - Message from the Team

This video illustrates the role played by mangroves in our local environment. The mangroves have a variety of uses within our community. Without them, we would not have access to our beaches, wildlife would decrease, and soil erosion would accelerate.