What is the KWN Global Contest?

Contest for videos made by children around the world. The 2011 Awards Ceremony is in Hollywood.

KWN (Kid Witness News) is global educational program supported by Panasonic. An annual contest of videos made by children around the world is accompanied by an awards ceremony. This year, the awards ceremony has been moved from Japan to the U.S., the birthplace of the KWN program. The 2011 Global Contest awards will be presented in Hollywood, the film capital of the world, on July 21.

2011 awards ceremony venue

The Grand Prize and special awards will be announced at the Global Awards Ceremony.

Six videos were selected from a pool of 26 regional winning entries by a judging panel comprised of movie production professionals, journalists, educators and Panasonic representatives. The grand prize and special awards will be announced and presented at the Global Awards Ceremony.

The five-member Finals judging panel will select the winning videos.

Five experts from the movie industry and the press in different countries will choose the winning entry from the six finalists.

KWN Global Contest 2011 Premier Judges

Ian Cameron (U.K.)

Ian Cameron

Chief Executive Officer,
Ian Cameron Media &
Communications Ltd.
Formerly Editor News,
BBC Nations and Regions

Khoa Do(Australia)

Khoa Do

Independent Director,
Screenwriter and Film Maker

Othman Hafsham(Malaysia)

Othman Hafsham

Film Director and
Managing Director,
Cinematic Sdn. Bhd.

Yuichi Ito(Japan)

Yuichi Ito

Professor of Animation,
Graduate School of Film
and New Media,
Tokyo University of the Arts
Executive Director of
Japan Animation Association

Darrell Spinks (Canada)

Darrell Spinks

President and Producer,
Front Row Productions