Premier Judge Review

Grand Prize & Best Script Award - Without Me - U.S.A. Val Verde High School

Without Me - U.S.A. Val Verde High School

This is a remarkable film with real impact that proves today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.
Suicide is an extremely difficult subject to cover, especially with regard to the sensitivity surrounding different methods of suicide, so it is extremely brave to make a film located on a roof top and seen through the eyes of someone about to jump ? but that bravery paid off because this is a powerful and engaging film ? tackling the subject in a mature, adult manner for an adolescent audience and tackling a subject that is very important for teenagers.
The Graphics, Animation, CSO, CGI, Make-up, Lighting and Acting combine perfectly to create a menacing, foreboding ‘Dark Knight? atmosphere but the script cuts through that atmosphere to deliver a positive message of hope, reminding us all that troubles are temporary, death is permanent and life is a gift.

Best Editing Award - The Mangroves - New Zealand Point Chevalier School

Memories Beneath the Surface - New Zealand

This was an extremely well-structured and imaginative story!
The performances were well done ? in particular I enjoyed the sense of humor within the dialogue shared by the mangrove plants.
The different aspects of human development were well contrasted with the mangrove plants? priorities and the messages in the conclusion were very well understood and emphasized.

Best Research Award - The Glass of Pure Water - Russia  «Intellectual» Residential School

The Glass of Pure Water - Russia

1) Humorous beginning.
2) A good combination of portrayals of life at home and laboratory
3) Clever use of mud to depict river flow.
4) Appropriate location to depict the environment.
5) Very brightening end (perhaps bringing of air)
6) Very stark end of the video.

Best Documentary Award - Memories Beneath the Surface - Japan  Nagawa Junior High School

Memories Beneath the Surface - Japan

The clever thing about this film is that it shows environmental issues are not just black and white ? a hydroelectric power plant might be green but the dam was built at a cost.
This film captures the price paid by local people for an environmentally friendly power source and it does this in a non-judgmental way.
But the really clever thing is the way they explain the price these people have paid is another reason not to squander electricity ? and that is an argument I have not heard before, despite seeing many broadcast reports about hydroelectric power. A powerful film in more ways than one.

Best Presentation Award - Mad About Water - Singapore  Sembawang Secondary School

Mad About Water - Singapore

A powerful, feel-good work that demonstrates just how much an individual can do.
The person concerned is probably someone who loves to experiment. Without realizing it the viewer is drawn in by his meticulous preparations, the incorporation of adult opinions, and the video's many appealing charms.
The explanation given at the start in the animation was surprisingly difficult to understand, and unfortunately I found it difficult to grasp why 27 liters/day was chosen, and what the 400 liters saving was based on (and the rule of it being good to use rainwater).
Apart from this, the video conveyed the feeling that the intention, the actions and the boyish charm of the character would allow him to do anything he set out to do. I look forward to seeing what kind of adult he becomes in the future.

Best Videography Award - Do Not Destroy But Save - Slovakia  Primary School of Rudolf Dilong in Trstena

Do Not Destroy But Save - Slovakia


  • Great concept & good approach
  • Message was clear despite no spoken dialogue
  • Real sense of group involvement
  • Rapping at the end was cool ? fun!


  • Effective use of music
  • Visually interesting