Grand Prize & Best Script Award
Without Me U.S.A - Val Verde High School

A boy, who can no longer stand being bullied by his classmates and yelled at by his parents, decides to take his own life.
What happens as he's about to send a farewell e-mail to his parents?

Best Documentary Award - Memories Beneath the Surface
Japan - Nagawa Junior High School

Construction of a new hydroelectric dam requires that an entire town be submerged. The story about people who had to relocate their homes tells the difficulties of generating electricity and the importance of using it wisely.

Best Editing Award - The Mangroves
New Zealand - Point Chevalier School

Some people are trying to cut down mangroves for their own selfish purposes, and are arguing with each other. How do the mangroves feel? What would mangroves say if they could talk to us?

Best Research Award - The Glass of Pure Water
Russia - «Intellectual» Residential School

Children want to fill a fishbowl with fresh river water for their fish, but the water in all of the rivers is cloudy. What happens when they test the water quality?

Best Presentation Award - Mad About Water
Singapore - Sembawang Secondary School

A Singaporean boy, who is aware of how precious the water supply is in his country, is attempting to live for a month while reducing his water use to a bare minimum. How does he fare?

Best Videography Award - Do Not Destroy But Save
Slovakia - Primary School of Rudolf Dilong in Trstena

We inherited this beautiful Earth from our ancestors. Should we really be using so much energy in our daily lives? What will happen if we keep using energy and resources as we are now?