KWN Global SUMMIT 2023

The KWN Global Summit 2023, attended by children from around the world, was held online again this year, as it was last year. This year's event included a 'greeting relay' in which children taught each other greetings in their own language, a mini seminar by IOC Young Leaders, and three awards were presented to the best works.Read the full press release here.

[2023] Kid Witness News (KWN) Global Summit 2023NEW

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This year's KWN Global Summit will be joined from Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, and Vietnam via remote online broadcasts live from Tokyo.

11 countries will participate! KWN Global Summit 2023 is set to be held from 9:00 p.m. (JST) on Saturday, October 21st!

The event will be livestreamed from the Tokyo venue, with participants in the US, the UAE, Indonesia, Oman, Cambodia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Brazil and Vietnam connected online. India and the Philippines are also scheduled to participate this year as observers. Children from countries all around the world will be joining in at the same time through the Internet, despite their different locations. New discoveries and resolutions will be created through exchanges in real-time communication between the participating countries. Get ready to enjoy a Global Summit produced by Panasonic and the participants!

▼Time and date
9:00 p.m.- 10:40 p.m. (JST) on Saturday, October 21, 2023  *You will be able to view a live stream of the summit on the day of the summit.
▼Participating countries
Brazil, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, State of Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates, United States, Vietnam *Presented in alphabetical order   *The Philippines and India will participate as observers.

KWN Global Summit 2023 Overview

Greeting Relay in the Local Language

Greeting Relay in the Local Language

Children will engage in a friendly exchange, greeting each other in their native languages and sharing these greetings with children from other countries. This offers a fun opportunity for kids from different nations to learn new greetings and make new friends.

IOC Young Leaders ミニセミナー

IOC Young Leader’s
Mini- Seminar

An IOC Young Leader will serve as a special speaker, conducting SDG mini-seminars. They will deliver a message to Summit participants, enabling them to learn about SDGs initiatives and ideas, fostering the next generation of leaders.

Adoption of KWN Global Summit SDGs joint declaration

Adoption of KWN Global Summit SDGs joint declaration

An action plan for the SDGs in 2024 will be presented by each country and an exchange of opinions will take place. These plans will then be compiled and a joint declaration will be adopted. The aim is for participating members to positively put these plans into action as leaders in their own countries.

【Announcement of award-winning schools】

Three awards will be announced at this Summit to celebrate particularly excellent
works from among the leading works of each country and region.

Kids  Award

1. KWN Kids Award
“KWN Kids Award” voted for by the children participating in the Summit
< One work in the Primary Category and one work in the Secondary Category >

Panasonic  Award

2. Panasonic Award
“Panasonic Award” selected through a vote by Panasonic employees
< One work in the Primary Category and one work in the Secondary Category >

Fans  Award

3. KWN Fans Award
“KWN Fans Award” selected by an online vote in which anyone can
participate worldwide
< One work in the Primary Category and one work in the Secondary Category >

Entry Video/Announcement of the Awards

— Primary Category (For Elementary School Students) —

KWN Kids Award

flag Brazil Brazil ▶︎Thinking School

Beyond the Gaze

What kinds of hardships does a young boy with a visual impairment experience on a daily basis? One day during PE class, his classmates decide to put themselves in his shoes by playing rattle ball while blindfolded, relying only on sound. What is the sensation they experience for the first time as they play?

flag Cambodia Cambodia ▶︎Singapore (Cambodia) International Academy

Worst Phone Ever

This is the tale of a girl who does not appreciate what she has and takes everything for granted. She grew up spoiled and is full of discontent with her father. One day, however, she discovers her father has a secret. What does she do? This story depicts the importance of having people around you who are always there to support you.

Panasonic Award

flag Chinese China ▶︎Xu Jiang Experimental School

Bamboo Language & Childlike Innocence

While eating a meal containing bamboo, a girl talks with her mother about the features of bamboo and the origin of the word “bamboo.” She then realizes that bamboo is used everywhere in our daily lives, even in the most casual of ways.

KWN Fans Award

flag Indonesia Indonesia ▶︎Regina Pacis Bogor Elementary School

Rain in July

Why is it raining in a season when it is not supposed to rain? After finding out about climate change, a young boy decides to go out with his precious pocket money to see what he can do to help. What did he go to buy?

flag Japan Japan ▶︎Morimura Gakuen Elementary School

It's a small world

This work begins with a survey of what images modern elementary school students have of public restrooms. Unfortunately, the results showed that students only have negative images of public restrooms, such as that they are “dirty,” “dark,” and “scary.” What did the team learn through this project to change these negative perceptions of public restrooms to positive ones and make them more accessible to everyone?

flag Japan Japan ▶︎Sakurai Elementary School

Hajimeno Ippo—Many a little makes a mickle—

This is a paper cutout work in which no plastic material appears. The children were made aware once again of the fact that the things people use flow from the rivers around them to the sea, and eventually become a large mass of garbage. What can we do now to change the future?

flag USA USA ▶︎Unity Charter School

"The Pink Tax"

The Pink Tax is a term referring to a tax levied on any items targeted specifically at women, such as feminine hygiene products. Are taxes imposed on things that are necessary only for women an obstacle to gender equality? This is the point of view of the discussion.

flag Vietnam Vietnam ▶︎Vinschool The Harmony Secondary & High School,Edison School, Archimedes School, Ngo Si Lien Secondary School

The silent life of Goldy

The main character is a girl named Goldy, a 1st-grade student who is always quiet, shy, and hesitant to interact with others. When she gets invited to a birthday party for a new classmate, she is a bundle of nerves. Will Goldy be able to get along with her friends on the day of the party?

— Secondary Category (For Middle and High-school students) —

flag Brazil Brazil ▶︎Notre Dame

The Gardener

The woman in this story is a gardener. Her life is spent protecting nature and watering her plants. However, a series of people show up who are bent on destroying the nature she cares so much about...

flag Cambodia Cambodia ▶︎Pannasastra International School


The main character in this film has an alcoholic in the family, who before long starts having a bad influence on the people around them. The film examines the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption and the kinds of behavior family members and friends of those suffering from alcoholism may show.

KWN Fans Award

flag Indonesia Indonesia ▶︎Labschool Kebayoran Junior High School


Some students search for things they can do themselves to help reduce environmental pollution. As a result of numerous trials and errors, the campaign they create attracts the attention of many people, and the circle of their activities begins to spread rapidly.

Panasonic Award

flag Japan Japan ▶︎Takada Junior High School

Peeking Though Rice Straw

Have you heard of an environmentally friendly product called “rice straws?” Through interviews with cafes that use rice straws and a company manufacturing those straws, the students explore the hidden potential of rice straws not only to address environmental issues, but also to reduce food loss and create jobs.

flag Japan Japan ▶︎Aichi Prefectural Oobu Special needs education School

I like this taste! (Konoyama 6 inch carrots) —Protect! Tradition, city and diversity—

Agriculture is undergoing modernization and rationalization in pursuit of uniform flavor and production efficiency. However, there are still farmers who are preserving the taste of traditional vegetables in their local communities. Despite their unique shapes and flavors that make them so appealing, the world of traditional vegetables is facing a crisis of survival due to the difficulties of cultivation. What did the students learn when they actually grew and cooked the vegetables for themselves?

KWN Kids Award

flag USA USA ▶︎Ocean Township Intermediate School

Refilling Station to Combat Water Pollution

Some girls who live in a beach town witness firsthand how much plastic waste is thrown away on the beach every year. Realizing the negative impact plastic has on the environment and living creatures, they came up with the idea of a project to reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles by making and selling reusable water bottles.

flag Vietnam Vietnam ▶︎Pascal Secondary


The story revolves around a father who acts violently against his wife. When his son calls out “Daddy!”, he recalls a sad memory from his childhood. The instant his mind travels back to his past, he realizes the true meaning of happiness.