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Global Contest

KWN Global Contest 2010

Grand Prix & Creative Concept Award

The Global Warming Rap
<Australia> Mundingburra State School

The Earth is weakening because of mankind's selfish waste of resources. It won't survive much longer if we don't make a change! Children, disguised as penguins, rap a warning message for everyone to hear.

Hometown Documentary Award  Web Award

Pier 21 Gateway of Hope
<Canada> Grosvenor Wentworth Park School

Canada admitted many immigrants in the 1950s through the 1960s. The gateway for these immigrants, who landed with both hopes and fears, was the Pier 21 in Halifax. This video takes a look at the roots of Canadian immigrants through a drama set during this period.

Global Citizenship Award

Dansez What You Can't Sez
<U.K.> Testbourne Community School

This video is a report on the Icknield Special School at which dance has been incorporated as part of communication education. Along with teacher interviews, this video showcases children who express themselves through dance.

Best Videography Award

Our Precious Water
<Malaysia> King George V Secondary School

Where does our drinking water come from? This video follows a small boat travelling down a river in Malaysia. The boat discovers that while the upstream is clean water and rich in nature, the downstream is less clear water.

Best Editing Award

Be here with you!
<China> Beijing WanQuan Primary School

"My friend's mother is the principal. Everyone respects her. But my mom..." The girl finds herself telling a lie from embarrassment. How does her mother react to this?

Best Research Award

CHANGE - Starting Now
<Japana> Ida Elementary School

The port near a sister school may become completely submerged due to global warming. What can be done to save not only the port but the Earth as a whole? Children think of things that they can do to help stop global warming.

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