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Messages from KWN Teachers

Teachers involved in KWN activities provided comments about the videos and about the children who made them.

We were looking for a project to extend a group of gifted students when the KWN leaflet ended up on my principal’s desk. For the next three months our group of eight students were extended in every way imaginable. A niche was found for all, from developing a storyline, researching information, creating a storyboard, filming, sound technician, editing, to inventing costumes on a tiny budget. They have been challenged and stretched and have benefited immensely from this project. This project has opened our minds to the world of possibilities out there for our students. Thanks, Panasonic!

Nicole Beaver / New Zealand

I've been involved with KWN for the past 13 years and I truly believe is this wonderful program. It inspires my students to be creative, artistic and builds their confidence along the way. During the production process they experience real-world job training such as working together as a team in a collaborative manner. It's incredible to see students become leaders; taking charge, ownership and pride in their projects. Most importantly, they learn that, if you set your mind on something, and work hard, you can accomplish any task.

Robert Del Campo / U.S.A

KWN activities provide comprehensive learning opportunities that go way beyond normal school curriculum. Students with no prior video-making experience can overcome difficulties and learn to cooperate with their peers to create their own video. The students gain a great sense of accomplishment and confidence. KWN is a remarkable educational program that brings out the infinite possibilities that each student holds within.

Takahiro Hara / Japan