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The Stories and Ideas Behind Panasonic’s
Long History of Supporting Sports

On September 8, 2013 (JST), at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tokyo was elected as the host city of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. That was 2,875 days ago - a number inflated by significant changes in plans caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This long wait is about to end - on July 23, the Tokyo 2020 Games finally go ahead. Firmly believing in the Olympic vision of achieving world peace through sports, Panasonic has been an active Worldwide Olympic Partner since 1987 and a Worldwide Paralympic Partner since 2014.

The History of Panasonic’s Support for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Panasonic’s direct involvement with the Olympic Games started back in 1988. Sharing the Olympic Games vision of achieving world peace through sports, Panasonic became a Worldwide Olympic Partner during the Olympic Winter Games Calgary 1988, whereby it offered technical support to a number of broadcasting stations. Ever since its founding, Panasonic has always made the betterment of society a part of its operating principles. Over the 33 years since its collaboration with the Olympic Games began in 1988, the company has continued to support the Olympic Games via the development of cutting-edge audiovisual technological solutions.

With the Olympic Winter Games Nagano 1998, Panasonic also started offering support for the Paralympic Games. The company later worked to ensure the success of Rio 2016, the first Olympic Games to be held in South America, during which it set another precedent as the first Japanese business to become an official Worldwide Paralympic Partner.

What Does “Sharing the Passion” Mean?

Panasonic’s support for the Olympic and Paralympic Games is exemplified through its slogan “Sharing the Passion.” This is seen in the passion displayed by the athlete and Olympic and Paralympic Games supporters of the Olympic Games as they work towards their dreams, spreading courage and hope while inspiring the world to better society. In short, “Sharing the Passion” is meant to motivate us to do good.

Helping to convey images of athletes chasing their dreams and the passion of Olympic and Paralympic Games supporters, Panasonic’s mission is to move and inspire the world by spreading the amazing power of sports across the globe. It’s an important mission that Panasonic will continue to work towards.

Though delayed for a year because of COVID-19, the first Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo in 57 years is finally about to commence.

With the sincerest gratitude to all the people who make the Games possible, Panasonic will keep working to spread passion and inspiration to people across the world as well as tackle social problems in pursuit of a better world and lifestyle for all.