Design Crafting a better Being

The Future of Panasonic Design

Photo: Shigeo Usui

The design philosophy, Future Craft is at the core of the basic concept of Panasonic Design.

"Craft" means creating something with grace, consideration, care, elaboration, and to pass this on to future generations.This philosophy is shared throughout the different businesses and areas we are active in. 

Always looking to the "Future" and creating carefully"Craft".

We believe all the elements to “craft a better Being” will come from our users. We will design closely with their insights in mind and find out what really matters in their lives.

Executive Officer
Panasonic Holdings Corporation

Shigeo Usui

Panasonic Design

At Panasonic Design, we are committed to crafting a better Being.The Panasonic Design site is where you can find our "Future Craft" design philosophy, an introduction to our main projects, offices, awards and design history.

Project Story

Panasonic design handles a wide range of business areas and is active in a number of sectors.
Here are just some of our activities.


Experiences born out of empathy for our consumers and a sense of duty


What will life be like in the future as robotics become more commonplace? What will people want out of our products? Currently robots perform a number of useful functions for humanity. However, Panasonic's NICOBO development team have endeavored to break through this stale way of thinking. In a sense their robot does nothing. It wags its tail, it says single words, but mostly it exists just to be by your side. When we proposed this combination of product + service to create a new lifestyle with NICOBO on the crowdfunding site makuake, we hit our required number of backer in just six and a half hours. Here the development team talks about how they created a new paradigm in which people can empathize with and get support from their robots.


Meditative Spaces that Transform your Hotel Stay.


(MU)ROOM is a meditative space set up in your hotel room. In our modern stressful society, what do people want out of their hotel rooms? After considering several possibilities, Panasonic saw a new business potential in "meditative space." But why did we choose to develop a meditative space? And how do we bring technology into such a spiritual world? This is the story of (MU)ROOM development project, which spans over several years.


Design incorporating sensing technology and usability

Card Reader with Facial Recognition

Hoping to help solve social issues, Panasonic has been providing high-performance devices, systems, and security camera and authentication solutions to both businesses and public institutions for over 60 years, constantly refining our core technologies as we did so. One such technology is facial recognition technology, which has been adopted at the departure and arrival gates at Haneda and other airports, as well as for access control systems in many office buildings. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has been working to simplify the administrative procedures used at medical institutions and pharmacies by using this kind of technology in combination with the My Number Card. In this case, a card reader with facial recognition functionality can be used as an identification terminal at these locations. Read more about how designers contributed to this project, from the project members themselves.


Creating an Invisible Experience using the Seven Elements of Air

Reboot Space

Creating the concept of air quality and providing optimal solutions in spaces such as offices, hotels, schools, and hospitals. That was the thinking behind the design of Reboot Space. The seven elements of air are: temperature, humidity, airflow, cleanliness, sterilization, deodorization, and fragrance. How did we combine and integrate these into our spatial design? And how did we create spaces where people can experience them? Read about how our initiatives combine design, technology, and business.

Designing the Future

We have always considered what it means to create an affluent life.
In these turbulent times, what will affluence and happiness mean in the future?
Panasonic's design department has a team takes a unique approach to this challenge.


The FUTURE LIFE FACTORY is a design studio with a unique outlook that asks the world at large about the seeds of new businesses, and about future values.