The Basic Business Philosophy of the Panasonic Group 4. The Company Creed and the Seven Principles

The Company Creed and the Seven Principles express our attitude toward the way we conduct our work on a daily basis as employees of the Panasonic Group.

Company Creed: Progress and development can be realized only through the combined efforts and cooperation of each employee of our company. United in spirit, we pledge to perform our corporate duties with dedication, diligence and integrity.

To contribute to the development of society through business, it is essential for everyone to collaborate and work together with sincerity every day. Only when each organization sets its own high goals, its members understand them fully and make them their own, and there is teamwork based on mutual trust, can the goals of the organization and ultimately the development of society be realized.

Contribution to Society: We will conduct ourselves at all times in accordance with the Basic Management Objective, faithfully fulfilling our responsibilities as industrialists to the communities in which we operate.

Our mission is to contribute to global development and prosperity as well as harmony with the global environment through our business activities, in order to realize an ideal society. With this awareness always in mind, we must commit ourselves to achieving unsurpassed quality, cost, and service through our daily operations.​

Fairness and Honesty: We will be fair and honest in all our business dealings and personal conduct. No matter how talented and knowledgeable we may be, without personal integrity, we can neither earn the respect of others, nor enhance our own self-respect.

We must observe the norms and rules of society as a matter of course, and we must also conduct our activities in a fair and unbiased manner, free from selfishness. It is important to always behave with integrity and with a sense of fair play. Without this mindset, even those with a wealth of knowledge and talent are not qualified to be members of the Panasonic Group.

Cooperation and Team Spirit: We will pool our abilities to accomplish our shared goals. No matter how talented we are as individuals, without cooperation and team spirit we will be a company in name only.

We will achieve even greater results by uniting our efforts and reinforcing our team spirit. It is important to utilize diverse opinions and diverse personalities and to cooperate in a spirit of unity. Without this, no matter how talented the personnel we bring together, we will fail to demonstrate our strength as an organization.​

Untiring Effort for Improvement: We will strive constantly to improve our ability to contribute to society through our business activities. Only through this untiring effort can we fulfill our Basic Management Objective and help to realize lasting peace and prosperity.

To fulfill our mission, we must work as hard as possible, overcome difficulties, and keep moving forward. No matter the kind of work we do, we must always learn, think seriously, and make the utmost practical efforts based on a strong sense of passion, so that new creativity and ingenuity can emerge and bring about further progress and improvement.

Courtesy and Humility: We will always be cordial and modest, respecting the rights and needs of others in order to strengthen healthy social relationships and improve the quality of life in our communities.​

We must honor courtesy and be humble in our approach to work. In our daily lives, it is important that we make an effort to treat everyone with respect, refrain from becoming arrogant, and be willing to reflect critically on ourselves.

Adaptability: We will continually adapt our thinking and behavior to meet the ever-changing conditions around us, taking care to act in harmony with nature to ensure progress and success in our endeavors.

We must continue to correctly grasp and adapt to the changes and evolution of society. To do so, it is important to avoid looking at things from a narrow perspective, but to grasp larger trends that underlie what is happening, as well as their essence.

We must face things head on, taking them as they are and objectively, without getting caught up in self-centeredness and preconceptions. To adapt to a society that is progressing and developing continuously, we must maintain our strong desire and efforts to progress continuously as well.

Gratitude: We will act out of a sense of gratitude for all the benefits we have received, confident that this attitude will be a source of unbounded joy and vitality, enabling us to overcome any obstacles we encounter.

Our daily work and lives rely on the support of all the parties concerned, as well as many others, including our colleagues, families, and people in society at large. It is important that we always repay the support we receive with a sense of gratitude.

Contributing to social progress with gratitude to each other and the desire to repay the many people who have helped us will give us boundless joy, and the strength and courage to overcome any difficulties.