Group CEO's Message

Photo: Yuki Kusumi, Representative Director, President, Group Chief Executive Officer of Panasonic Holdings Corporation

"Prosperity in both matter and mind" is the ideal state of society that our founder, Konosuke Matsushita, envisioned and pursued throughout his life. To achieve this lofty goal, he positioned this, in 1932, as the Group's true purpose, and he set a 250-year plan, during which the Group would persevere over ten generations.

Accordingly, we at Panasonic today are all responsible for handing over the baton to the future generations.

There have been many rapid changes in society, including serious labor shortages and divisions of supply chains based on geopolitical risk. In addition, we now face many remarkable social phenomena such as global warming, resource depletion, and the prolongation of a healthy life expectancy.

Aiming to address these various social issues, and thus achieve our 250-year plan, we in the Panasonic Group will execute two basic strategies.

First, the Group will unite the efforts of all to help solve global environmental problems. In imagining the happiness of future people 160 years from now, when the Group's 250-year plan is completed, we must absolutely avoid making the coming generations face serious difficulty in continuing to live on this planet. We at Panasonic regard offering urgent solutions to global environmental problems, including climate change, as our top-priority management target. Therefore, we all embrace the Groupwide environmental vision, Panasonic GREEN IMPACT. Through our diverse businesses that cover a wide variety of areas such as mobility, houses, towns and supply chains, the Panasonic Group will accelerate efforts to make contributions to reducing CO2 emissions in society.

Second, we are resolved to help our customers stay healthy, safe, and comfortable throughout their lives. The Panasonic Group has many, many touchpoints with our customers in their various life stages. By combining these versatile customer contacts with our cutting-edge digital technologies, and by accelerating technological innovations and transformation of business models, the Group wants to grow as a "lifestyle solution provider."

We in the Group will unite all of our strengths to achieve our corporate slogan "Live Your Best." To this end, we will step up our game to accelerate the Group's transformation. All of the Group's employees will unite their efforts and continue to challenge themselves individually to make further improvements. And under the operating company structure, each of our operating companies will work hard to make unsurpassed contributions to the industries and customers that it addresses. Through these endeavors, the Panasonic Group is firmly resolved to achieve further growth and, eventually, to increase its enterprise value. Taking this opportunity, I sincerely ask for your continued patronage and support going forward.

Signature: Yoshihiro Morii

Yuki Kusumi
Representative Director, President
Group Chief Executive Officer
Panasonic Holdings Corporation