Group CEO's Message

Photo: Yuki Kusumi, Representative Director, President, Group Chief Executive Officer of Panasonic Holdings Corporation

Our resolve to further sharpen competitiveness in each of our businesses toward achieving an ideal society

Guided by our Basic Management Objective, through all of our corporate activities, we in the Panasonic Group have been devoted to "the progress and development of society and the well-being of people" as well as "enhancing the quality of life throughout the world." In October 2021, our Group shifted to the operating company system. On that occasion, as a way to return once again to the basic management principles embodied by our founder Konosuke Matsushita, we significantly updated the principles into the form of "The Basic Business Philosophy of the Panasonic Group." Accordingly, we pledged anew our commitment to society by thoroughly practicing these basics in all our business activities Group-wide.

Since April 2022, the Group has been transitioning to a holding company structure with the newly established operating companies underneath it. Thus, the name of this company has been changed from Panasonic Corporation to Panasonic Holdings Corporation, with the name Panasonic Corporation being taken by one of the operating companies that conducts businesses closely connected to people's lives, covering a wide range of home appliances and electrical equipment.

Under this new Group structure, each of the operating companies plays the leading role in its own business domain, and we internally call this setup the "operating company system." The primary purpose of this reorganization is to encourage each of the operating companies to fulfill its own responsibilities autonomously by always practicing participative management through collective wisdom. Accordingly, each of them will aim to further sharpen its own accumulated strengths and continue to meet new challenges relentlessly, thus creating greater contributions to society and customers.

Today, global environmental problems, including climate change, are the world's top-priority issues that require urgent solutions. We at Panasonic are determined to unite our Group-wide efforts to squarely address these issues. Furthermore, we will devote ourselves to improving the well-being of individual people in society by helping them to pursue their own happiness, in both physical and mental health, and thus live their lives with peace of mind and comfort. Therefore, we have decided to release our new corporate message that encapsulates these aims.

"Live Your Best"

Under this banner, we will always think out the ideal state and conduct our business activities toward this end. At the same time, we will also work to improve our value-creating capabilities, as well as operational capabilities at the business frontlines, on a daily basis so that we will be chosen by our customers going forward. Through these endeavors, Panasonic will offer customers products and services of superior quality that surpass their expectations.

The founder Konosuke Matsushita always believed, "Human happiness can be maintained and enhanced only through both material and spiritual affluence." And based on this thought, he earnestly immersed himself in the work of developing an ideal society, with both material affluence and mental happiness. And today, we in the Panasonic Group are firmly resolved to unite our Group-wide strengths to achieve his aim by always challenging ourselves and making untiring improvements.

I sincerely ask for your continued patronage and support going forward.

Yuki Kusumi

Yuki Kusumi
Representative Director, President
Group Chief Executive Officer
Panasonic Holdings Corporation