“Purpose” of Panasonic Intellectual Property Department

Now that it has become difficult for individual companies to solve complex and diversifying social issues, we are working to solve social issues based on the intellectual property purpose of "circulating intangible properties, transforming them into value, and making the world happier." We will promote co-creation activities named “Panasonic Intangible Property Innovation” to address social issues.

We will redefine the role of our intellectual property department to create new and numerous networks by connecting various stakeholders, including startups and venture companies with intangible properties, and we will take on various challenges.
We hope that you will continue to look forward to our future endeavors.

Intellectual Property Department,
Panasonic Holdings Corporation

Hiromi Matsusaka


Panasonic IP(Intangible Property) Innovation Project

Based on our purpose, we promote groups of co-creation activities to address social issues.

Brand Protection

Counterfeit products are not only damages to our brand value, but also a social issues as well as a safety issue. Thus, Panasonic takes actions together with governmental authorities globally and engages in consumer awareness activities.

Human Resources and Organizations

From the creation to the utilization of intellectual property, we will provide intellectual property solutions that exceed customer expectations by calling upon high-level expertise and diverse knowledge.

Disclosure regarding IP