What is the IOC Young Leaders Programme?

Across the world, Young Leaders are working to solve various social issues through sport and sport-based social entrepreneurship. The IOC Young Leaders programme selects and provides these individuals with opportunities for learning and action, and funding to support their projects. Five years on from its launch in 2016, 55 young leaders have delivered a total of 116 sport-based programmes globally, and approximately 30,000 individuals have taken part. These youngsters are continuing their efforts to bring positive change to people's lives.
Sports make a difference!

Graph on IOC Young Leaders

As a Worldwide Olympic Partner, Panasonic was the first to offer additional support to the IOC Young Leaders Programme, contributing to the development of the next-generation of sport leaders. Panasonic is aiming to realize its ideal of A Better Life, A Better World by supporting the IOC Young Leaders Programme and investing in the future of our youth and sport.