Clean Procurement Declaration

Fair and Appropriate Procurement Activities

1. Fair Transaction on an Equal Basis

Based on the company's Basic Management Philosophy that a company is a public entity of society, we conduct fair and appropriate transactions with global suppliers according to specified policies and procedures while maintaining the belief that there shall be "no private interests" in the procurement process.

2. Selection of our Suppliers

When procuring goods and services, we assess and select our suppliers by providing fair competition opportunities according to the following procurement standards, in addition to each supplier's agreement to comply with legal and social ethics and the company's Basic Management Philosophy and Code of Conduct.

  1. Assurance of required product quality and safety
  2. Competitive pricing
  3. Fulfillment of on-time delivery
  4. IT-oriented responsiveness to changes
  5. Advanced technology and development capability
  6. Stable operation infrastructure
  7. Environmental consciousness
  8. Compliance
  9. Information security
  10. Respecting human rights and the health and safety of labor

3. Practicing Appropriate Procurement Activities

To build an appropriate relationship with the suppliers based on the fair competition principle, the company has specified rules such as "Except for specific events indicated by Panasonic, individuals shall not accept any supplier invitations to dinners, golf tours, sightseeing trips or gifts." The members of the Board of Directors, executive officers and all employees shall obey these rules when procuring goods and services for the company.