Panasonic Eco Relay Activities Expanded Across China

In China, Panasonic Eco Relay is being implemented by our company employees in various regions. This time, we will introduce the Eco Relay activities of four regions: Tangshan, Qingdao, Jiangmen, and Tianjin. More than 230 employee volunteers participated in activities such as tree planting and cleaning.

■May 28 - Panasonic Welding Systems (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. (PWST)
PWST consistently engages in activities that contribute to establishing a low-carbon society and increasing greenery, a symbol of life and hope. 43 members of the Environmental Protection Association and their families planted 200 Japanese cypress saplings on top of Mt. Shangsi in Zunhua, Hebei Province.

■June 3 - Panasonic Industrial Devices (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. (PIDQD)
PIDQD aims to create a cleaner and more beautiful environment, with everyone taking an active interest in environmental protection. More than 100 employees volunteered to pick up and sort trash along the banks, park sidewalks and lawns. The volunteers successfully raised awareness of environmental protection through actual activities.

■June 4 - Panasonic Electronic Devices (Jiangmen) Co., Ltd. (PEDJM)
PEDJM's more than 50 employee volunteers, together with the Jiangmen City Jinguzhou Community Residents Committee and the river conservation team of Guangdong Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., picked up plastic bags, plastic bottles and other garbage around the Jiangmen waterway as an environmental conservation activity under the theme of collecting and reducing plastic.

■June 15 - Panasonic Industrial Devices (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (PIDTJ)
At PIDTJ, 42 employees, including the general manager, collected garbage from flower beds, lawns and roads in and around the plant. All the executives wore the same uniform in order to coordinate their efforts to protect the environment.