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The local people have been able to lease solar storage units and sell popsicles

As per an initiative by the Rural Development Committee formed by 25 residents of the Baingbin Senna Village, new activities for leasing solar storage units to households in the village and producing popsicles at the school and selling them to students were started. Proceeds from these activities will be utilized in various ways, such as building up a fund to replace the PSS* batteries, honoring high-achieving students, purchasing study materials and equipment for the school, and promoting library activities. (November 2018)

Photo: When using solar storage

An activity was started to lease solar storage units to households that wish to use them and generate income from the rental fees. Over the past eight months, approximately 2.8 million kyat (about 200,000 yen) has been collected. In this village of 400 households, we are aiming to create mechanisms to realize continuous income generation by changing the main area of activity every few months.

There is a constant stream of positive feedback from households that rent solar storage units. As a result of not using the diesel generator, people say "Our fuel cost has been reduced" and "We are happy not to hear the loud generator noise all the time." Those who have been living without electricity say "It's great to have light so children can enjoy reading books" and "We can now produce straw mats for sale in the evening." Slowly but steadily, the power of electricity is expanding in the village life.

In November, which marks the beginning of the dry season, an activity was started to make popsicles by using electricity generated by the PSS* and to sell them at the school. This is an ideal project in Myanmar where the consumption of frozen products increases in the very hot dry season. The Rural Development Committee raised funds from local residents and purchased the freezer used for making the popsicles by freezing juice and coffee. Popsicles of three tasty flavors were made, including coffee, strawberry, and melon. The estimated annual revenue is approximately 1.4 million kyat (about 100,000 yen). Further, by creating a balance management table, we are raising awareness about the need for maintenance, management, and status assessment.
The Rural Development Committee was formed in 2016 in conjunction with the establishment of a school with the support of the Association for Rengein Tanjoji International Corporation (ARTIC). Through the school's construction, the committee has accumulated a variety of experience, such as managing funds raised from residents, acquiring and managing construction materials, and managing funds for making desks and chairs. After the construction was completed, the committee started operating the school dorm. All 25 committee members are working with determination "to realize a better community." They are gaining the deep trust of residents.

* This Power supply station (Power supply container) was discontinued in March 2019. So currently we cannot supply and donate it. Thank you for your understanding.