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We support academic development with the help of electricity

At the school, which started using electricity from the PSS* instead of a diesel generator, students smile and say, "Since the diesel generator isn't making noise, I can focus more on my studies" and "I think my grades will go up." The school saves approximately 160,000 kyat (about 10,000 yen) per month, which was previously spent on fuel for the generator. This will enable them to replace the PSS* batteries after five years. In the future, more evening classes will be offered thanks to the electricity from the PSS* and an essay contest about the life of Konosuke Matsushita will be held. Through these activities, we are aiming to improve students' academic achievements and foster human resources. (July 2018)

Photo: During class

* This Power supply station (Power supply container) was discontinued in March 2019. So currently we cannot supply and donate it. Thank you for your understanding.