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About 160 children participated in the Eco Learning Program for the first time

At the 10-year school where the PSS* is installed, with the assistance of the Panasonic Asia Pacific Myanmar Branch, the "Eco Learning Program" for learning about environmental problems and electricity was offered to approximately 160 fourth-year and fifth-year students. Many children still depend on kerosene lamps and diesel generators in their daily lives and don't have the opportunity to learn about the eco concept. We want children who started using electricity from the PSS* and solar storage units to acquire knowledge about eco and thereby become builders of an eco-friendly sustainable future. This activity was carried out with this hope in mind. (December 2018)

Local employees at Panasonic Asia Pacific Myanmar Branch gave a 60-minute class for fourth-year and fifth-year students. When the slides were projected with the use of electricity from the PSS*, the children listened attentively to their first ever talk on the eco concept.
With easy-to-follow slides and videos, children learned about electricity and the eco concept through selected topics, such as the energy resources for electricity, global environmental problems generated by climate change, eco-friendly solar power generation, and smart ways to use electricity.

* This Power supply station (Power supply container) was discontinued in March 2019. So currently we cannot supply and donate it. Thank you for your understanding.