Off-grid Solutions Project

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A technical instructor development program Was introduced

Training programs have started with facilitation of Yayasan Dian Desa. As the first step, a workshop was held for local cadres, during which explanations were given on photovoltaic power generation systems that will provide renewable energy. The objective is for them to become familiar with the methods of utilizing electricity as well as PSS* operations, maintenance, and management (September 2018).

Photo: Workshop

A total of 27 local cadres participated in the workshop, including youth leaders, representatives of cooperatives, and village heads. All of them had a positive outlook on the development of their community, and were interested in photovoltaic power generation systems. We expect them to disseminate the information they acquired during the training programs, and examine options to adopt electricity generated by PSS* for their activities.

* This Power supply station (Power supply container) was discontinued in March 2019. So currently we cannot supply and donate it. Thank you for your understanding.