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A Woman's group in the village took on challenges of making processed food with freshwater fish

A women’s group organized to enhance the sense of unity in their village is testing the processing of foods made from fish caught in the Kapuas river, including dried snakehead fish powder for sprinkling over rice and dishes and dumplings made from the fish meat. They have prepared these foods on two occasions in response to orders from village residents. They will further improve the taste and quality to develop quality products (September 2018).

Photo: Village Women Group

The group consists of 16 active women living in Marsedan Raya village. They have developed products, including traditional textiles and bags, and have expertise in distribution.

Freshwater fish caught in nearby river is processed to make dumplings. Fish meat is kneaded into the shape of a rod, boiled, and then cut. The fish tastes better if you dip the dumplings in the sauce. Since production is currently in the test phase, it will require time, efforts, and improvements made through trial and error to achieve a taste on par with that of existing marketed products.
The women are trying to produce dried snakehead fish powder for sprinkling over rice and dishes. It is soft, and has a sweet taste seasoned with spices peculiar to Indonesia. As with the case of fish dumplings, they will further improve the taste, and examine effective marketing measures.
Photo: Work hut installed

A hut to process food was built next to PSS*. Preparations are moving ahead for the full-fledged launch in the spring of 2019.

* This Power supply station (Power supply container) was discontinued in March 2019. So currently we cannot supply and donate it. Thank you for your understanding.