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Introduced a literacy class for women

Photo At the literacy class for women

We will start a literacy class for women for whom opportunities for education are more restricted than males for reasons such as having to drop out of school due to customs such as early marriage. We installed a solar storage device in the church where we held an information session. We assembled the mothers after they had finished preparing dinner at 7:00 p.m., and they were all smiling with the joy and hope of being able to read. From now on, we will also conduct training for the teachers to improve their skills for literacy education and formally start the literacy classes.

Photo At the dispensary

The dispensary is now able to use a refrigerator for storing vaccines using electricity from the solar power generator and power storage system. Mothers, who until now had to walk their children to a hospital two hours away to get them vaccinated, said happily, "I'm so glad that we can now get vaccinations from our local dispensary."