[Activity Report] The Light from Lanterns Improves Learning and Living Conditions for Children (Malawi, Tanzania)

The Panasonic Group is engaged in the “LIGHT UP THE FUTURE Project,” which aims to bring light to people in areas without electricity who are trapped in poverty due to the lack of light and power.
This time, we are presenting the respective “Interim Report 1 Year after the Donation” about our donation in 2021, together with the specified NGO World Vision Japan, of 120 solar lanterns to the city of Chinde in the northern part of the Republic of Malawi, and 1,092 solar lanterns to the Tanga Region in the eastern part of the United Republic of Tanzania.
In Malawi, the lanterns have been installed in junior high school classrooms and toilets, and distributed to students living in female dormitories, enabling many female students to study comfortably, significantly improving their academic performance.
In Tanzania, the distribution of lanterns to households has led to an increase in children’s learning time and eliminated the need to use kerosene lamps and candles, reducing the financial burden and the number of accidents caused by kerosene lamps. In addition, economic activity by adults at night has led to an increase in income.
The following reports summarizes the results of surveys and interviews conducted in each country approximately one year after the donation.

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