Through the "LIGHT UP THE FUTURE Project", the Panasonic Group delivers solar lanterns to areas without electricity, creating opportunities for education, health, and income improvement, thereby alleviating poverty.

In the summer of 2023, Panasonic Vietnam (PV), in cooperation with the local NGO Frogsleap Foundation, distributed 330 solar lanterns to children and families living in Nam Tra My district, Quang Nam province. Now, about a year later, the Frogsleap Foundation has once again compiled an activity report about the on-site donations and what happened afterwards.

Nam Trami District, Quang Nam Province, is located in the mountainous region of central Vietnam, where access to the national power grid is limited, there is no electricity, and there is a high proportion of poor households. Frogsleap Foundation works to spread green technology solutions to these isolated areas and improve their quality of life and livelihoods.

The lanterns donated last year were handed out to approximately 300 families. In Nam Chami district, there are many households that mainly live in large families and are engaged in agriculture, and most of the households are self-sufficient and have limited income. In addition, access to clean water is restricted, and electricity and water cannot be obtained satisfactorily.

In the one year since the lantern donation to the Nam Chami area, we have been able to discern a "change in the consciousness" of the residents. First of all, people's lives have become more convenient by being able to get light even at night or in the rain, and the increased use of electricity has created a sense of security, and children can now study at night. What is also very significant for the Frogsleap Foundation is that awareness of the use of green technology from an environmental protection perspective has increased, and people have developed the habit of using lanterns effectively and rationally.

In the past, people used fire for light or used a lot of disposable batteries for lighting. Replacing these with green energy is environmentally friendly and offers many economic and physical benefits, resulting in a major change in residents' awareness.

In addition, we were able to create a system where residents can maintain and maintain the lanterns themselves so that the lanterns become a source of "sustainable energy" for the local community, rather than "if they break, it's over." In conjunction with the donation, the Frogsleap Foundation provided maintenance training to residents.

At Panasonic, we always believe that ``just donating and that's it'' is not a true contribution. We believe that it is important to consider how donating lanterns can create a sustainable ``good cycle'' that solves the problems faced by local residents, and how to make this a reality. We would like to once again express our gratitude to everyone at the Frogsleap Foundation for their hard work in providing local support.

Please take a look at the activity report.