The Panasonic Group is working on the "LIGHT UP THE FUTURE" project to bring light to people in areas without electricity. The donations we received from everyone through “AKARI Action”(※) also brought smiles to the faces of local residents facing hardship.
(※Programs being implemented in Japan)

On April 26, 2024, PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia (PGI) donated 200 solar lanterns to the villages of Sarampad, Cibulakan, and Mangunkerta, Cianjur, Province, West Java Province, Indonesia.

Did you know that Indonesia, like Japan, is a country prone to earthquakes? The three villages mentioned above are among the areas that were damaged by earthquakes in the past, but the surrounding areas are still suffering from lack of electricity due to lack of infrastructure reconstruction, making their daily lives very inconvenient. We hope that this donation will be of some help in resolving the issue, but it was a day where we were able to see many smiles on the faces of the residents.

PGI members delivered the solar lanterns directly to the village and explained to residents how to use them

Viya Arsawireja, Head of Communication at PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia, stated that Panasonic continues to implement Live Your Best through every product, service, and business activity. One of them is by conducting CSR Solar Lanterns as a lighting solution to have a positive impact on social problems related to electricity shortages, especially in the sectors of health, education, and economics.

"This is also in line with Panasonic GOBEL's philosophy of the Banana Tree, which teaches us to provide as much benefit as possible to others. Thus, we are committed to continuing to innovate and tirelessly improve, with the determination to provide benefits to anyone for a positive impact and conducive environment," said Viya.

This activity LIGHT UP THE FUTURE, In Indonesia, since 2013, PGI has distributed more than 10 thousand Solar Lanterns to several remote areas, with the hope of bringing positive change for a better life.

PGI collaborates with the Kusuma Buana Foundation (YKB) and the Asia Pacific Alliance for Management Disaster (APAD) Indonesia to share lighting with communities in villages that have energy shortages, especially post-earthquake. By continuing to promote the spirit of sharing, it is hoped that the lives of communities in various regions can continue to improve and achieve theirs goals.

"Hopefully, this CSR Solar Lantern program can provide a ray of hope, happiness and convenience for those in need, and become a first step towards a better future," concluded Viya.

In the future, PGI together with related institutions and organizations, will again conduct CSR Solar Lanterns in various villages with limited electricity supply such as in the Lombok and Belitung regions, to support the daily activities of the community for the better, especially at night.