Panasonic Scholarship Alumni  Message for the Future Told by People Who Have Experienced the Panasonic Scholarship

A Desire to Inspire One’s Junior Fellows:
Dreams and Hopes for the Future Gained Through Involvement with Panasonic

○Soksan Devid
Nationality: Cambodian
Current country of residence and job type: Cambodia, marketer
Awarded in 2022 -> B.S. in Civil Engineering from Norton University in 2022; B.S. in Business and Economics from Pannasastra University in 2023 -> Currently works in Product Marketing at Panasonic Cambodia.

Mr. Soksan Devid from Cambodia is a capable person with deep ties to Panasonic. While enrolled at a local university, he received a Panasonic Scholarship, which led to an internship at a local Panasonic subsidiary. Remarkably, he is now an employee of Panasonic Cambodia, where he works as a marketer for vacuum cleaners, irons, and beauty products.

A Complete Turnaround from Diligently Studying as a Student to a Year and a Half of Working for a Living

“I’m from Preah Vihear Province in northern Cambodia, and after graduating from high school in 2017, I moved to the capital city of Phnom Penh to attend university. Initially, I started studying at Norton University to become a civil engineer, but after about a year, I decided that civil engineering might not be a great fit for me. So, in my sophomore year, I decided to enroll at Pannasastra University, also in Phnom Penh, and added another major to my studies.”

Pannasastra University, the new school Mr. Devid decided to enroll in, adopts a European curriculum and offers classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening. So, he began studying at Norton University from morning to evening and then attended business courses at Pannasastra University at night. Mr. Devid was committed to his studies at both universities without compromising his interests. However, a great challenge would soon arise. The outbreak of COVID-19 forced him to take a leave of absence for financial reasons.

“The global spread of COVID-19 led me to suspend my studies for a year and a half. My life changed drastically, and I spent my days struggling to make ends meet working as a delivery person. Then, one day, I received a notice from the university mentioning the Panasonic Scholarship. Looking over the outline, it said that the scholarship offered aid for both tuition and living expenses, and seeing how great of an opportunity it was, I was determined to take it on and knew that I just had to give this scholarship a try.

Actively Gaining Experience with the Support of a Dependable and Trusted Company

Mr. Devid went on to talk about how one aspect of the educational environment in Cambodia can still be challenging. “Universities aren’t available in every part of Cambodia. Many of them are concentrated in urban areas. As a result, students living in rural provinces must first move across provinces to urban areas and live on their own to attend university. For this reason, university education is very costly for students from rural areas. Many students drop out of school for financial reasons, even after making it to university.

When Mr. Devid applied for the Panasonic Scholarship, the requirements stated that he had to maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher. He would also have to go through a document screening and interviews conducted by Panasonic and the university.

“Receiving the Panasonic Scholarship allowed me to resume my studies and once again pursue my future dreams.”

As a successful scholarship recipient, Mr. Devid was also given the opportunity to work as an intern at Panasonic’s local subsidiary through the scholarship program.

“At first, I gained experience in the Business Division, which handles corporate transactions. After that, I moved to the marketing team. From there, I went straight into working for the company, and that turned into the career I have now. Marketing is now my passion, and I believe it will be a tool that plays an important role in helping me achieve my long-term career goals. I strongly feel that the support provided by the Panasonic Scholarship not only enabled me to continue my education but also gave me the perspective I needed to work in the real world and a pathway to realize my dreams.

During his internship, he acquired not just technical skills as a working adult but also received training on essential software used in the workplace.

“Through my experiences with the Panasonic Scholarship, I’m proud to have broadened my horizons at an international company that offers such reliable products worldwide. During my internship, I was able to attend meetings with global companies and learn how business is conducted. I don’t think an experience like this would have been possible with most other local companies in Cambodia. It solidified my decision to work in the marketing division and provided me with the practical knowledge and confidence I needed to succeed in this field.”

"Ready to write a new chapter filled with courage and resilience, accepting change with open arms." Getting out of your comfort zones and into the unknown!

“Go out on an adventure to discover new places and unexplored avenues because travel is the key to endless concepts and sources of inspiration. Allow the world to be your inspiration and observe how your creativity grows with every action you take.”.

Filled with hope for a brighter future, motivated by ambition and the chance of applying for a scholarship. Putting forth a lot of effort, aiming high, and grabbing the opportunity to realize our dreams!

The Current Goal: Success in Marketing Before Anything Else

After completing his internship, Mr. Devid was able to discover his true goals, and he mentioned that the experience has become invaluable to him.

“With the support of the Panasonic Scholarship, I was able to set a new goal for myself: to master the job of marketing, which is something I hadn’t considered before. Being chosen as a scholarship recipient and intern gives you the opportunity to learn about and gain many insights into work at a global company. It really isn’t the kind of experience that’s easy to come by. There is a quote from Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic, that I learned when I was an intern. He said something to the effect of “Human Beings Are Rough Diamonds” I really liked this way of thinking. It resonated with me. I also feel truly fortunate to have found a job in marketing that I’m genuinely passionate about.”

Mr. Devid’s current goal is “to become a role model within the company.” He told us that he wants to help his juniors start new and different lives from what they’ve known thus far by passing his wonderful experiences on to them.

“Filled with passion, I’m on the brink of entrepreneurship, eager to make my mark and connect with people through my knowledge. I’m focused on honing my marketing skills and gaining hands-on experience to bring my vision to life. With determination as my guide, I’m navigating this journey with the aim of making a meaningful impact.”

Being recognized as a scholarship recipient is “a wonderful opportunity that opens the door to new experiences and personal growth,” asserts Mr. Devid.

“To those who will apply in the future, I advise that you ‘don’t forget to showcase your passion, dedication, and potential to contribute to the field of science and technology during the selection process.’ The Panasonic Scholarship highlights your achievements, goals, and aspirations for the future and takes a close look at how the Panasonic Scholarship can match your academic plans and career to create a positive impact. The competition you must overcome to achieve this may be tough, but don’t forget to have faith in yourself and your abilities. Bring out and showcase the unique qualities lying dormant inside you, actively demonstrating why you are the right person to receive the scholarship. Your involvement with the Panasonic Scholarship will surely give you a great deal of confidence.”