Established a welfare factory (Kibi Matsushita, Okayama Prefecture)

In 1981, a special subsidiary company was established, with investment by Okayama Prefecture, Kamogawa Town, Kayo Town, and Matsushita Electric to provide a place of employment for persons with disabilities and help them become socially and economically independent. Kibi Matsushita, the first company in Japan to employ a large number of persons with severe disabilities through a third-sector system, was established in the Kibikogen Urban Health & Welfare Nomura Factory Park. In 2008, its name was changed to Panasonic Kibi Co., Ltd.

Established a welfare factory (Katano Matsushita, Osaka Prefecture)

In 1981, with the aim of promoting the welfare of people with disabilities and ensuring their independence and participation in society, Katano Matsushita, which employs people with severe disabilities, was established through a third-sector system with investment by Osaka Prefecture, Katano City, and Matsushita Electric, and subsidized by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s grant system for the employment of people with disabilities. It is located in the “Working Area for Persons with Disabilities” in Katano City, Osaka Prefecture, as a model workplace to show how people can contribute to society on their own as a member of society. In 2008, its name was changed to Panasonic Katano Co., Ltd.

Japan Prize Foundation established

This foundation was established to honor those who have made outstanding contributions to human peace and prosperity in the fields of science and technology. It presents the “Japan Prize” to individuals who have made unique and groundbreaking achievements in science and technology and are recognized as having made significant contributions to the advancement of science, technology, and humankind.

Matsushita Foundation established in the US (present-day Panasonic Foundation)

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America’s founding, we provided funds for the establishment of the Matsushita Foundation, which provides support for educational institutions in the United States. In 1990, its name was changed to the Panasonic Foundation.

Panasonic Trust established in the UK

The Panasonic Trust was established in the United Kingdom to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the founding of Matsushita Electric UK, Ltd.

Matsushita International Foundation established (present-day K. Matsushita Foundation)

In 1988, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Matsushita Electric’s founding, this foundation was established with the aim of contributing to the international community by promoting international mutual understanding between Japan and other countries and by developing internationally minded human resources who can contribute to this way of thinking. It provides grants for international research and cooperative activities in economic, social, cultural, and other fields, as well as for the invitation and dispatch of personnel for related projects, the holding of international events and conferences, and grants to organizations and other groups involved in such projects.

K. Matsushita Foundation of Expo ’90 established (present-day K. Matsushita Foundation)

This foundation was established in 1988 to engage in cooperative efforts with the “International Garden and Greenery Exposition”, which was to be held in Osaka in 1990. In 1992, the “K. Matsushita Foundation of Expo ’90 Prize” was established to honor outstanding research and practice that promotes the co-existence of nature and people.

“Kid Witness News (KWN)” educational outreach program launched in the US

“Kid Witness News (KWN)” was launched as a video-based hands-on educational program in 19 schools in 5 cities across the United States, with the aim of supporting education through video production.