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The "Operating Company System" to Facilitate Competitiveness

The Panasonic Group consists of Panasonic Holdings, the holding company, eight operating companies, and affiliates both within Japan and overseas. This structure, in which the operating companies are able to enhance their competitiveness in the areas in which they operate, is what we call the "Operating Company System." We will continue to serve both our customers and society in general by focusing on the strengths of each operating company and taking on the challenges that we face every day.

Smart Life Appliances BD

Building and Housing Solutions BD

Taiwan BD

Kitchen Appliances BD

Laundry Systems and Vacuum Cleaner BD

Beauty and Personal Care BD

HVAC BD Europe

Commercial Equipment Solutions BD

Residential System Equipment BD

Solutions and Engineering BD

Heating and Cooling Devices BD

Lighting BD

Electrical Construction Materials & Living Energy BD

Panasonic Cycle Technology Co., Ltd.

Panasonic AGE-FREE Co., Ltd.

Kitchen Furniture, Bathroom and Sanitary Fittings BD

Architecture Systems BD

Exterior Products and Systems BD

Electromechanical Control BD

Industrial Device BD

Device Solutions BD

Electronic Materials BD

Energy Device BD

Mobility Energy BD

Energy Solutions BD

Operating Companies

We provide a variety of products and services such as appliances, HVAC, lightings and electric equipment for living and commercial spaces.

Our business field includes in-vehicle infotainment, in-vehicle electronics, automotive mirrors and motorized systems such as automotive batteries. We provide innovative devices and solutions for changing lifestyles while traveling, reducing driver load and environmentally friendly vehicles.

We provide products and services focusing on audio and visual products, digital cameras, and communication devices. Through our entertainment & communication solutions, we offer people new emotion and relaxation.

At this major turning point for the concept of spaces where people live, we are proposing a better living space to all of our customers through housing equipment and materials, as well as device solutions featuring our technologies.

In the six priority business segments "Distribution", "Logistics", "Entertainment", "Public", "Avionics" and "Manufacturing", we provide "connected values" to our B2B customers.

To continue to contribute to a prosperous society by paving the way for a better future through a variety of device technologies, we propose an extensive range of solutions in the B2B business areas including electronic components, FA and industrial devices, and electronic materials.

Our business field includes batteries that support a convenient and comfortable daily life, industrial batteries and in-vehicle batteries that support social infrastructure in a wide range of fields. We provide a good life.

We provide high-quality services as professionals with specialized expertise to help client operations become more advanced, more efficient, and faster and create a prosperous future for people and for society.


As of March 31, 2023.
*Based on Annual Securities Report

Principal Consolidated Subsidiaries


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Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd.


Lifestyle, Energy

Panasonic Consumer Marketing Co., Ltd.


Lifestyle, Automotive, Connect, Industry, Energy, Corporate




Lifestyle, Energy

Panasonic Holding (Netherlands) B.V.



Lifestyle, Other

Lifestyle, Industry, Energy, Other, Corporate


Lifestyle, Automotive, Other

Connect, Corporate

Panasonic Appliances (China) Co., Ltd.


Principal Companies under the Equity Method


Principal businesses

Development, manufacture, and sale of automotive prismatic lithium-ion batteries

Total financial services

Housing-related business