Joined in 2012
Technology Division, Panasonic Holdings Corporation

Ryuji Sakata

I majored in aerospace engineering, which had nothing to do with information technology. However, as I was handling data processing programs in my research, I became interested in information technology, and after joining the company, I was assigned to an information systems section. I understood the importance of acquiring skills to make use of various data, and apart from my work, I improved my skills through competitions and so on in the community "Kaggle" where data scientists from all over the world gather, and I was able to obtain the title of Grandmaster in June 2019. Based on this experience, I am currently working on developing algorithms that collect and analyze data when mobile batteries are in use to improve convenience. I am also a lecturer at AI training courses and contribute to the development of AI human resources.

Photo: Ryuji Sakata Photo: Ryuji Sakata


Joined in 2011
Solution Development Division, Electric Works Company, Panasonic Corporation

Yoshie Takao

When I was in graduate school, I was immersed in research and club orchestra every day, and I had a desire to do various things. I joined the company because I was attracted by the wide range of business
areas where all the living spaces related to people's lives can be provided by Panasonic products. I have been engaged in the development of Home IoT related equipment in the department that develops electrical
materials for houses, and are now developing for the next development of "AiSEG2" that supports energy saving, time saving, crime prevention, etc. Having experienced marriage and childbirth, I would like to see the needs of living spaces as life stages change from the perspective of working mothers, and create value that closely matches the lives of customers with Home IoT technology.

Photo: Yoshie Takao Photo: Yoshie Takao


Joined in 2014
Process Automation Business Division, Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd.

Kyourei Ri

I was born in Harbin, Heilonglong Province, China. While attending a Japanese university, I worked hard to earn a living by working part-time to study Japanese, and as an overachiever, I received the privilege of tuition exemption for four years. When I met the "implementation machine" that is expanding globally at the company information session for job hunting, my heart fluttered. A mounting machine is an equipment that places electronic components on a printed circuit board at high speed and accurately. I joined the company because I wanted to be involved in this equipment development. In my third year at the company, I worked as a project leader in new product development, and now I am developing core technologies for supply parts units to make the plant's mounting line the world's first "unmanned". I want to gain confidence that I can do it if I work hard and become an engineer who can be active globally.

Photo: Kyourei Ri Photo: Kyourei Ri


Joind in 2011
Kitchen Appliances Business Division, Living Appliances and Solutions Company, Panasonic Corporation

Yoichiro Ikegami

"I want to make something amazing." It was an impulse that had been in the back of my mind since I was a child. I like to think about how to make people think "interesting" rather than making things themselves. My dream was to "make amazing home appliances," and I joined Panasonic because I had the image of developing various home appliances. I am thinking of the benefits that can be provided for all cooking activities, not just for home appliances alone, but for the entire kitchen space. Currently, I am in charge of managing the implementation development of "Kitchen Pocket," an integrated application for kitchen appliances, and developing new functions. "Creating something that has never been done before" is finally my dream entrance.

Photo: Yoichiro Ikegami Photo: Yoichiro Ikegami


Joined in 2017
Infotainment Systems Business Division, Panasonic Automotive Systems Co., Ltd.

Ryouhei Yoshida

I want to make products that propose the ideal way of cars such as electric vehicles and autonomous driving. I joined the company knowing that Panasonic is also working on in-vehicle. After working on the hardware design of the display unit for Europe, I am now in charge of the electrical circuit design for the domestic development of the display audio unit for automobiles (with functions other than car navigation) such as video and music. In automotive units, where strict standards are set, the area in which dedicated semiconductor
ICs are installed is becoming smaller and smaller. My opportunity to show skills is whether I can think of the optimum arrangement for preventing the interference of communication between ICs in a unit and the retention of heat as if I were solving an advanced puzzle, and finish the assembly of technologies in different areas as one system.

Photo: Ryouhei Yoshida Photo: Ryouhei Yoshida


Joined in 2016
Manufacturing Innovation Division, Panasonic Holdings Corporation

Mizuho Kawakami

I am engaged in the development of equipment to manufacture "Rechargeable batteries for vehicles" that will accelerate the shift to environmentally friendly vehicles. I liked robots since I was a child, so I joined the club when I was a student, and also participated in the robot contest. My goal is to "I want to contribute to society by making useful products using the equipment I designed." To this end, we are working to ensure that our facilities are optimized by working on equipment specifications with the parties involved in the ordering process within the Group. Through these activities, I feel more responsible for my work. I feel that it is only Panasonic that can develop its own equipment together with the ordering party by making full use of its many advanced technologies.

Photo: Mizuho Kawakami Photo: Mizuho Kawakami