History of Technology


Double Cluster Socket


Photo: Bifurcated socket

Bullet-shaped Battery-powered Bicycle Light


Photo: Cannonball-type lamp

Super Electric Iron


Photo: Super Iron

First 3-tube Radio


Photo: Radio selector

Zinc Oxide Varistor ZNR


Photo: Surge absorber zinc oxide varistor

Dry Battery "NEO Hi-Top"


Photo: Neo High Top long-life battery


Direct-drive Turntable


Photo: Direct drive record player

Thin Radio


Photo: Ultra-thin radio

Camcorder with Automatic Image Stabilizer


Photo: Video camera with image stabilization

Ultraprecision Glass-Molded Aspheric Lens


Photo: Aspherical lenses made using ultra-pure glass

2nd generation mobile phone


Photo: 2nd generation mobile phone

HIT structure solar cell


Photo: HIT solar battery


DVD Recorder


Photo: Phase change optical disc drive DVD video recorder

In-flight full AVOD entertainment system


Photo: In-aircraft full AVOD entertainment system

All-metal Induction Heating Cooker


Photo: IH cooking heater compatible with all metals

Gyro Sensor


Photo: Angular velocity sensor

Dual Layer Blu-ray Disc Recorder


Photo: Dual layer blu-ray disc recorder

Slanted Drum-Type Washer-Dryer


Photo: Inclined drum washer/dryer


IPS liquid crystal display TV



High-Frequency capable material for multiple for multilayer printed witing boards


Photo: Multilayer board material for high-speed data transmission

System LSI "UniPhier"


Photo: System LSI UniPhier

0.18μm FeRAM for contactless cards


Photo: 0.18μm FeRAM for contactless cards

Household fuel cell


Photo: Home-use fuel cells

"nanoe" Air Purifer


Photo: Nano E air purifier


Ultra Accuracy 3-D Profilemeter


Photo: Ultra-high precision coordinate measuring device

Flexible crystalline graphite sheet


Photo: Flexible crystalline graphite sheet

Ni-MH Battery for HEVs


Photo: Ni-MH battery for hybrid vehicles

CO2 Refrigeration System


Image: CO2 refrigerant system

Ultra-short-throw lens for Projectors


Photo: Ultra-short throw lens for high-power projectors

3D Blu-ray Disc Recorder


Photo: 3D blu-ray disc recorder


4K+ Laser Projector


Photo: Ultra-high brightness 4K+ laser projector

Autonomous Delivery Robot®


Photo: Autonomous transportation robot HOSPI®

Large current Power Choke Coil


Photo: Power choke coil for large electric vehicle batteries

nanoe™ X device


Photo: Nano EX device

Face Recognition Engine(2017)


Illustration: Facial recognition engine

High voltage & high capacity cut-off DC contactor "EV Relay"


IoT PLC (Broadband over Powerline Communication) Adopted as IEEE 1901a



Cellulose Fiber composite resin


Photo: Cellulose fiber composite resin

Robotic Mobility PiiMo


Photo: Robotic mobility PiiMo

Vacuum heat insulating glass “Glavenir”


Photo: Vacuum insulated glass

Conductive polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitor