R&D Outlook

"Develop people before making products."
These are the words of our founder, Konosuke Matsushita.
"A company is its people. No business will grow without securing the proper personnel."
In the past and in the future, what moves the world is nothing other than "people."

We have things to accomplish.
We have responsibilities to fulfill.
There are things that can only be done by Panasonic Group, which has been developing and expanding worldwide products and services by always staying close to our customers' lives.

Our mission is to embody the desires of people around the world making further contributions toward creating an ideal society and lifestyles while solving global social issues.

Panasonic Group will continue to take on challenges through people and technology.

Aim to an "ideal society and lifestyles"

Panasonic is engaged in the research and development in the fields of Mobility, Home, and Business to realize an ideal society and lifestyles while solving global issues.

Figure: Realization of an Figure: Realization of an


Autonomous Driving / Solutions

  • Obstacle Detection
  • Human State Recognition
  • External Perception
  • Dispatch Control System

Energy Optimizations

  • Next-Generation Power Devices
  • Lithium Ion Battery System
  • Contactless Power Supply System


Lifestyle Noticed Everyday

  • Face Authentication In/Out
  • Face Settlement Self-checkout
  • Identification of Membership Facilities
  • Detection of Suspicious Persons

Origin of Life

  • Lifestyle Data Analysis
  • Emotion Estimation
  • Variable House


Next-Generation Stores and Facilities

  • Unmanned Service Pot (Automatic Settlement)
  • Unmanned Delivery Robotics
  • Automatic Inventory/Replenishment
  • Behavioral Prediction

Improving Plant and Logistics Efficiency

  • Improvement of Work Capacity (Power, Efficiency Assist)
  • Autonomous Mobile Robot
  • Logistics/Transport Robots

Focused Technologies and Examples

AI / IoT / BigData

Activity Sensing

The Activity Sensing Technology specializes in the understanding of human behavior in context by the processing and analysis of data from sensors in home. More comfortable and personalized services in the home can be offered through this technology.

Photo: Image of activity sensing

Speaker Identification

Accurate extraction and identification of speaker features enables non-contact identification by voice, contributing to the provision of detailed services in consideration of hygiene and privacy.

Flow diagram for Speaker Identification

Data Analysis

Using data analysis that supports AI assignment setting, data collection, model design and systemization, we are able to improve business operations and create new business by using data stored in the company.

A figure showing the procedure for setting up the issues to be solved, collecting and processing the data, conducting model design and training, and then developing and operating the system.

Autonomous Driving Service

Under the coexistence environment with residents, delivery services that also serves as a technology verification, using autonomous driving and remote control of multiple robots are currently demonstrated in Fujisawa SST, etc.

Photo of delivery robots traveling in residential areas,and Photo of delivery robots being remotely monitored

Sensing Technology

Sensing Camera

In addition to high image quality, high sensitivity, and high resolution, near-infrared light is used, for example, to detect blood vessels that are usually invisible. By visualizing normally invisible objects, this camera can be used for a variety of sensing applications.

Photo: A high-precision sensor and an image of blood vessels in a hand.

Multimodal Authentication

By combining and complementing multiple AI functions, advanced sensing functions are realized.
We provide speedy solutions that contribute to problem solving through the evolution of AI technology.

Symbolic illustration showing Multimodal Authentication

High-Resolution Video Analysis

Technology for measuring the deflection and vibration of infrastructure such as bridge with imaging analysis. Contribute for labor saving and suitable maintenance.

Figure: Deflection analysis of a bridge by video

Emotion Recognition

Realize an indoor environment that leads people to better conditions with biometric and behavioral sensing technologies that can understand their conditions including inside such as emotions.

Photo of Biometric sensor and image of emotion recoginition

Network / Platform


In the expanding IoT society, Internet connectivity is the key. "Nessum" enables secure and easy connections between devices on existing lines such as control, coaxial and power lines, as well as short-range high-speed radio.

Nessum logo

Fifth Generation Mobile Communication

Methods/technologies have been developed for high-capacity, high-speed, and low-latency next-generation communication networks, where various frequency bands and radio systems can be used simultaneously or by switching. This creates a radio environment suitable for the IoT age.

Figure: Combining and controlling various frequency bands to create a fifth-generation mobile communication environment

Security Platform for IoT Market

Develop cybersecurity technology to monitor data of automobile, house, factory and building and to detect unknown attack by AI for building the foundation for IoT era.

A figure illustrating the security platform in the IoT era for automobiles, homes, factories, and buildings.

High Performance Computing

Utilization of HPC platform composed of both internal and external HPC systems realizes high-throughput material informatics, CPS, AI training, and CAE, leading to accelerated digitalization of business and R&D.

Figure: HPC platform that allows the utilization of internal and external HPC (high performance computing).


Housekeeping / Nursing-care Robots

Technologies cultivated through development of Industrial robots have been utilized in new products. There is the challenge of developing new markets with new products, such as a cleaning robot that demonstrates superior performance in cleaning tough corners, and a training robot for improving walking function.

Photo: Robot vacuum cleaner and gait training rehabilitation robot

Social Issue-solving Robots

Robots are developed for solving human laborshortage due to aging and decrease in working population. Autonomous delivery robot that full-automatically derivers item like medicines or specimens in hospitals and mobility robot that improve the convenience of moving people and luggage at airports have been realized.

Photo: Autonomous hospital transport robot and personal mobility robot

Physical Augmentation

Robotics to maintain and enhance physical functions such as senses and muscle strength. Support without sense of incongruity by accurately guessing human intention.

Photo: A robot arm attached to the body supports holding up a board.

Kansei Augmentation

By utilizing the elemental technologies of robots, we aim to change the state of the human mind, such as enjoyment and concentration, and to achieve well-being for each individual.

Photo: A communication robot elicits smiles and takes pictures.

Key device / Manufacturing

All Solid State Batteries

Novel solid-state electrolytes with high safety have been successfully developed. We will challenge to realize all solid state batteries with exceeding performances in safety, energy-density, and charging speed over conventional rechargeable batteries.

Image of structure of all solid state battery

Phononic Devices

Extraordinary high heat flow controllability can be achieved through phononic devices with nano-scale periodic structures (phononic crystals), which will contribute to solving thermal issues associated with carbon-free society in the AI/IoT era.

Photo: Phononic devices

Photonic Integrated Devices

Next-generation sensors will be created through the development of new materials and process technologies for integration; and the demonstration of innovative sensing by means of cutting-edge laser technology, light-receiving technology, and optical modulation technology.

Figure: Optical integrated function sensor

Materials Informatics

Innovation in material development has been realized through the use of cutting-edge AI technologies and HPC* Rapid repetitive cycles of data collection, learning & prediction, and evaluation accelerate the discovery of novel materials with target properties and help cut the overall R&D time in half.

※HPC:High Performance Computing

Image of rapid repetitive cycles of data collection, learning & prediction, and evaluation

Clean Energy

Energy Creation

Home Power Generation: Using hydrogen and oxygen, electricity can be generated at home according to the energy demand of each household, creating an eco-lifestyle a step ahead of the times.

Photo: Solar cell and fuel cell


Development of a system using high capacity storage batteries was proactively promoted to create an increasingly secure/comfortable life with power storage. Power-storage system, Automotive lithium-ion battery system.

Photo: Six types of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, energy storage system, and lithium-ion battery module

Pure Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Pure hydrogen fuel cells have been put into practical use for the hydrogen society.
Several pure hydrogen fuel cells are in operation at the RE 100 Solution demonstration facility H2 KIBOU FIELD, located at the Kusatsu site in Shiga Prefecture.

Photo: Pure hydrogen fuel cells


Electricity can be saved simply by using home appliances based on Panasonic's proprietary "ECONAVI" technology, which is capable of detecting wasted electricity and automatically saving electricity. Each home appliance thinks wisely and saves electricity.

A figure showing the Eco Navi logo surrounded by products that use Eco Navi

Supportive Technologies

Digital / Cloud Technology

Panasonic Digital Platform

Optical Device Technology

Ultra-short-focus projection lens for video projectors

Photo: Projector using ultra-short-focus projection lens

Video/Audio Technology

Digital Camrea / Omnidirectional array microphone consisting of many directional microphones

Photo: Omnidirectional array microphone and digital camera

B2B Device Technology

Industrial devices

Photo: Graphite sheets, relays, and other B2B devices

Lighting Technology

Lighting system using laser technology / Next-generation headlight

Photo: A stadium that has a lighting system using laser technology, and a close-up of the ceiling with next-generation headlights

Biological Science Technology

Panasonic's beauty technology: nanocare "Oyasumi Navi" app creating an optimal air-conditioned sleep environment

A photo of a nanocare steamer blowing steam onto a woman's face, and a woman sleeping in bed with

Heat utilization technology

Air to Water / Absorption Refrigerator

Photo: Air to Water / Absorption Refrigerator

Material/Device Technology

Inverter compressor, Polypropylene-fiber reinforced resin

Photo: Inverter compressor shown in section vacuum cleaner using polypropylene-fiber reinforced resin

Comfortable Air Control Technology

Thermal insulation technology, Thermal discharge technology, Purification technology, Antimicrobial technology

Figure: Air indoors is comfortably controlled by heat shielding, heat exhaustion, purification, and antibacterial technologies.

Material Production Technology

Functional materials for motor vehicle

A bird's eye view of a car: functional materials for motor vehicles are used in the hood, roof, trunk, and doors

Environmental Core Materials

High Biomass Cellulose Fiber Molding Materials

photo:High Biomass Cellulose Fiber Molding Materials

Simulation Technology

Illuminance distribution simulation technology,
3D factory modeling technology

A graph of an illuminance distribution simulation and a 3D modeling of the movement lanes within the factory