Sponsorships and Sports

We support sporting events and entertainment facilities.
We help deliver fun moment and excitement to everyone through our sponsorship activities.
This section introduces the websites about Panasonic's sponsorship activities that we have prepared for the fans.​​


Olympic and Paralympic Games

Sharing the spirit of the Olympic Charter, which aims to achieve world peace through sports, Panasonic has been supporting the Olympic Games as a Worldwide Partner since 1987 and the Paralympic Games since 2014.

Tokyo Disneyland®/Tokyo DisneySea®

Panasonic has supported Tokyo Disney Resort® as an official sponsor since its grand opening in 1983.

Panasonic Open

Panasonic hosts the Panasonic Open Golf Championship, a men's golf tournament, and the Panasonic Open Ladies Golf Tournament, a women's golf tournament.​

Gamba Osaka

Panasonic is a Diamond Partner and uniform sponsor of Gamba Osaka.


Panasonic and Sports

We are strengthening our sports team hoping to be your inspirations. We are fostering a community-based sports culture and contribute to the sound development of children and people's lives as we grow together with the local community.