[Declining birth rate] UD to support child rearing - Compatible product example -

photo:Electric assisted bicycle with children

This child-safe bicycle makes family playtime more relaxing and fun for everyone.

Electric assisted bicycle with children

We’ve improved our child-rearing bicycle with more consideration.
Model offering stress-free rides for all the family

photo:Electric assisted bicycle

Product Features

We created a sunshade for the child seat on the rear of the bike that reduces the seat’s surface temperature by as much as 19°C².
Panasonic was the first in the industry to introduce this innovation as standard equipment¹. The bicycle sports a new U-shaped aluminum frame that makes it easy to get on and get off and comes with an assortment of accessories that improve safety and comfort.

There are 3 UD compatible items, Somatic measures,Measures for peace of mind,Comfortable posture
1.World’s first¹ sunshade offered as standard equipment that reduces surface heating by up to 19°C² Croom rear child seat 2.New U-shaped aluminum frame that makes the bicycle easy to get on and get off 3.A full range of accessories bolsters safety, comfort and expandability, making cycling more enjoyable than ever 1 As of October 16, 2019. Within the electric-assist bicycle industry in Japan. 2 Method of measurement: Bicycles were placed side-by-side in direct sunlight, half with the sunshade installed and half without, and recorded with thermographicimaging every 10 minutes. Changes in temperature were then compared. Sites measured: Near the top of the head cover Date and time of measurement: Starting at 1 PM, September 30, 2019 Location of measurement: Osaka Prefecture Air temperature and weather: 33.4°C and clear Elapsed time: 10–30 minutes

Other UD products[Declining birth rate]

For realizing a society where parents can safely give birth and raise their children.
Tackling a declining birth rate with universal design.

Magnet plug Prevent injuries caused by falling over

The plug is attached by a magnet, making it trip-proof

There are 2 UD compatible items, Measures for peace of mind,Somatic measures

Closet foldable door Improve facilities and prevent injuries

A cover on the door hinge moves in relation to the hinge, so that child’s finger does not enter the hinge

One UD compatible item, Measures for peace of mind

Steam oven microwave Enjoying using it with your children

Includes a Kids’ Course for you to enjoy cooking with your children.
Cooking procedures can be checked using color touch controls.

There are 3 UD compatible items, Visual measures,Simplification of screens,Electronic user’s manuals

Hair Trimmer for kids Safety and Convenience for Children

The design focuses on safety, ensuring that the blades do not make direct contact with the skin. Maintenance is also simple.

There are 3 UD compatible items, Measures for peace of mind,Easy-to-care design,Large buttons

Touch Screen LCD Display Usability for children

An electronic blackboard supporting color UD.
Can be operated easily by children simply by touching the screen.

There are 2 UD compatible items, Visual measures,Color UD

CD language learner Function to assist in a child's study

Learn languages by recording your own voice and using the teaching CDs to improve listening and speaking skills.

There are 2 UD compatible items, Auditory measures,Embossed indications

Triple Wide IH, Multi Wide IH Enables smooth cooking

Designed with a smooth flow line for cooking, with burners side by side, and cooking space at the front.

There are 2 UD compatible items, Comfortable posture、Easy-to-care design