Since its foundation, Panasonic Group's mission has been to contribute to make better life style choices and advancing society through its electrical appliances and related services. Electrical products and services are continuously expanding and employing new technologies, such as IH and heat pumps. As a result, electricity usage across the whole of society is growing and so traditional thermal power generation continues to rise. The latter in turn pushes up CO2 emissions, causing acute and prolonged climate change. It is an imminent task for human beings to stop this climate change. We estimate our CO2 emissions from our entire supply chain is 100 million tons per year (total of figures in orange circles in the illustration shown here). Out of this total, 81 million tons are CO2 emissions (Category 11, Scope 3) that are generated from the energy usage from our products and services while in use at our customers in society. Panasonic Group is aware that our greatest social responsibility for mitigating climate change lies in this area.

We are tackling the challenges to reduce CO2 emissions throughout our Group's value chain to extremely low level, and at the same time contributing to cutting down CO2 emitted from our customers and society. For households and business sectors, we plan to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions through energy solutions that optimize operation by a combination of devices and equipment, and the like. In the transportation and industrial sectors, fossil fuel makes up a major part of the thermal and power resources. For this reason, greater electrification is essential in creating a society that offers comfort living with clean energy.

Panasonic Group contributes to reducing CO2 emissions in the transportation and industry through supporting electrification and efficiency enhancement by electrification of mobilities including automotive batteries, and by devices, systems and services that promote transformation of production and distribution processes. On the other hand, increases in electrified areas, products and services will push up electric power consumption for society as a whole. This leads a rise in the importance of energy conservation. Panasonic Group plans to engage in a wide range of initiatives directed toward social transformation where our energy and power needs can be covered by renewable energy resources.

* The business areas selected here are the areas where effects of climate change are significant in both positive and negative ways, and the names of these areas may differ from the business names and business segments used in TCFD-related reports.