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What Panasonic's UD can contribute to
the many social issues we face

anasonic aims to realize a sustainable society that leaves no one behind, working in the belief that UD design can be used to contribute to a number of social issues, including the aged society, declining birth rates, diversity, work-style innovation, globalization, and emergencies.

UD for supporting an aging society

Be able to do what you want, whatever your age.
Make things easier to see, easier to use, and, from time to time, take the load off.
Panasonic’s UD for supporting an aging society

UD for supporting children and child-rearing

Disabilities, gender, nationality, age:
We want to make things easier to use, with no one left behind.
Panasonic’s UD that facilitates a diverse society

UD for supporting new working styles and busy workers

For an era where workplaces and living spaces are connected,
leading to new ways of being busy.
Panasonic’s designs to support new working styles

UD for supporting people affected by disasters

You cannot be too prepared for emergencies these days.
Making your home safer, your town safer.
Panasonic’s designs for emergencies