Beijing 2008

Behind the Scenes at the Olympic Games

Behind the Scenes at the Olympic Games Beijing Heats Up As It Counts Down to the Opening Ceremony

Photo: Panoramic view of the illuminated Tiananmen

Many overseas tourists headed to the Olympic Games Beijing 2008 first arrive at the Beijing Capital International Airport. There, more than 20 Panasonic billboards greet passers-by with stunning images of athletes in vibrant motion.
As spectators leave the airport and head to the city center along the highway, they encounter huge Unipole billboards – advertising spaces granted only to Olympic sponsors. From August 7, buses operated in wrap advertising, showcasing the bold Panasonic logo against a blue-and-white body. With sponsors’ efforts in full force, Beijing was abuzz with excitement for the Olympic Games.

The ASTROVISION Installation Site

A trailer truck roared into the area where on-site equipment installation was progressing. This trailer was the novel “Mobile ASTROVISION,” a large-screen display system with outstanding mobility, equipped with a built-in ASTROVISION on its cargo bed. The LED display unit was installed on the trailer platform in the United States, then sent by boat to the Port of Tianjin. There a trailer cab was connected and the trailer truck was driven to Beijing.

Photo: People watching a competition on a large Panasonic electronic billboard installed at Beijing Capital International Airport

As the trailer was about to enter the first venue, trouble occurred. Despite having simulated the trailer’s driving route and positioning ahead of time, they discovered a broadcast cable in the venue installed lower than in the original specification. As a result there was not enough clearance for the trailer to pass into the venue. There was no time left in the schedule – somehow the trailer needed to get through.

Photo: Delivery of a mobile ASTROVISION display unit built onto the platform of a large trailer

An On-site Decision that Solved the Mishap

Dealing with this mishap was Yoshiyuki Goto of the Panasonic Corporation of China, in charge of the ASTROVISION installation. He and his team made a split second decision – a human-wave tactic in cooperation with the staff of the organizing committee. The large team used rods to lift the cable high and helped the trailer pass through.
The Mobile ASTROVISION was positioned successfully as planned. After traveling all the way across the ocean, it had made its appearance on schedule. On-site installation is unpredictable; anything can happen last minute no matter the degree of advanced preparation. The team was able to resolve the issue using a sense of judgment backed by years of experience, as well as teamwork with the organizing committee. This was a moment when we affirmed the strong will of the Panasonic staff.

Photo: The large trailer truck carrying the Mobile ASTROVISION display unit passes under low overhead lines being temporarily lifted