London 2012

Behind the Scenes at the Olympic Games

Behind the Scenes at the Olympic Games AV Security Equipment System:
As Many As 2,500 Cameras Monitored All Venues

Photo: Outdoor security camera with housing and dome-type security cameras installed on the outside of a building
Photo: Emyr Kirkman

Emyr Kirkman
Program Manager
for the off-park security
for the electrical side
of CCTV installation at London 2012

During the Olympic Games London 2012, Panasonic’s security cameras were installed in and around the Olympic Games venues to protect the safety of athletes and spectators and ensure smooth operation within a tight schedule.
Planning for the installation was conducted well in advance to link as many as 2,500 cameras to the advanced security system.
The camera equipment was configured and tested at the factory prior to shipment to ensure faster installation and trouble-free operation.

Security at the World’s Most-Viewed Event

London is one of the largest cities in Europe. The metropolis constantly requires the highest level of security for events in a variety of fields, including economics, culture, and sports, and is famous for its street surveillance cameras. During the Olympic Games, top athletes, media, spectators, and VIPs constantly came and went, and all eyes and ears were focused on London.

Photo: Outdoor security cameras with housing installed on a post outdoors

The place where highest level of security is needed, Panasonic delivered as many as 2,500 security cameras. This revealed people's high regard for Panasonic cameras with lengthy track record of robust system adaptability and high-quality images.
During the Games, in addition to the security around the venues, the surveilance system also aided operations by helping to assess congestion of foot/vehicular traffic. The system was integral to the safe administration of the Games.

Photo: Box-type security camera enclosed in a housing installed outdoors

Meticulous Preparation Cleared the Tight Installation Schedule

The advanced surveilance system employed a colossal 2,500 cameras, each installed manually to relay images back to the system for various processing. A tremendous amount of effort was placed in the installation process to support the safe operation of the Olympic Games. To support safe operation of the event is one of the missions Panasonic had during these Olympic Games. The one issue was the tight schedule. For instance, Wimbledon, the official tennis compatition venue for Games, only allowed for eight days to complete the installation. To ensure seamless setup, it became necessary to design a plan for installation and configure each camera ahead of time.
To facilitate, Panasonic established the Engineering Centre and Systems Solution Centre in the suburbs of London. Preparation started a year prior to the Games, such as building a plan of action for installation, system development, and equipment testing. Such meticulous preparation led to a smooth installation, and helped support the safety efforts of the London 2012.

Dome-type security camera installed on a light post near a venue of the Olympic Games London 2012