Technology Solutions List

We have compiled a list of our Olympic Games supporting technology solutions by Olympic Games, from Calgary 1988 to PyeongChang 2018.

Large-Screen Display System

Panasonic supplied the most screens ever to a Winter Olympic Games to support the competitions through video and information-based communications.

Backed with their advanced displays the achievement of a new way to present sports.

Achieved an Unprecedented level of Visual Presentation Utilizing a Giant Screen and a Ribbon-Shaped Screen

At the venues, roadside, at live sites. realistic images on large displays delivered excitement to the fans

The newly-developed, high-luminance LED large-screen displays screened many exciting scenes throughout the Games

Incorporation of high-luminance LED made further weight reduction and energy efficiency possible

Delivered inspiring and thrilling scenes to spectators, starting with the opening ceremony

Giant mobile screens presented a whimsical scene during the Opening Ceremony

Large screens totaling a surface area of 644㎡ colored the winter landscape in vivid Images

Permeated excitement far beyond the stadium, to spectators at live sites

Large-Screen Displays Conveyed Important Scenes During the Opening Ceremony and competitions.

A Giant, 100㎡ screen dynamically delivered the excitement and passion of the competition

AV Security Equipment System

Despite the intensely cold environments, Panasonic's security cameras ensured the venues were safe and secure.

Addressed the security concerns, previously viewed with apprehension, with the least number of supplied equipment

Assisted in the delivery of public safety surrounding the Olympic Games operations with a record number of 7,000 security cameras

The Advanced AV Security Equipment System Contributed to Safe, Issueless Operation of the Games

High-Performance AV Security Equipment System Monitored the Performance of the Athletes and Safety of the Spectators

Broadcasting Equipment

Panasonic broadcasting equipment has been used for recording systems and played a key role at 13 Olympic Games.

Achieving a speedier workflow through an even greater advancement in functionality.

Achieved high-speed, high-definition program production with the superiorly mobile P2HD series

In achieving 3D live broadcasting, we ushered in a new era of digital video

A Full Line-Up of HD Equipment Supported the Transition of the First “HD Winter Olympic Games,” Captured Entirely in HD

Enabled the first full HD Olympic Games using HD broadcasting technology

Supported Olympic international feed production with Highly-Reliable Equipment, Fully Functional Even in the Extreme Cold

Full Support of host broadcastor from Delivery to Maintenance

Delivered excitement to the world through high-quality digital broadcasting

Supported the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) through the construction of a fully-digital broadcast system

Wide-ranging support for the IBC from planning to design, installation of Olympic broadcasting equipment

24-Hour, Full-Service Support for International Broadcast Centre (IBC)

Digital broadcasting equipment captured the athletes’spirit in high-resolution

Supported host broadcaster by Realizing High-Quality Analog Recording

Supported some broadcasters as an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner

Professional Projector

The first 30,000-lumen laser projector ever to be deployed at an Olympic Games brought light and color to the freezing cold ceremonies.

With Projection Mapping Perfprmance, Panasonic helped to accomplish a ceremony to remain in the Olympic Games history.

Achieved a vivid, high-definition, 3D-projected video using 20,000 lumens of brightness

Vividly adorned the Olympic venue with 20,000 lumens of beautiful shine

HD Visual Communication System

Aided Operations by Connecting Between Remote Locations Through High-Qualified Image and Sound

Supported Long-Distance Communication Through Video That Employed Greater Clarity and Feeling of Being There

Dynamic high-quality video and audio connected the Olympic villages in Vancouver and Whistler, located 120 km apart

Professional Displays

Panasonic's system displays provided crisp video images to support the operation of the Games at all competition venues, as well as broadcast and media facilities.

Within the venue and out, 15,500 professional displays vividly exhibited the competition.

The Unit’s Compactness and High-Definition Video Playback Provided Greater Satisfaction to Spectators

RAMSA Professional Audio System

The powerful audio from Panasonic's newly-developed RAMSA brand line-array speakers enlivened the atmosphere throughout the Games.

High Quality, Powerful Sounds Wrapped the Venues with Excitement

Powerful sounds were realized by specially-designed speakers tailored to the Stadium

Realistic clear sounds wrapped the venue with excitement

Newly-developed array speakers delivered uniformly clear sound across the entire venue

Delivered clear and stable sound even in extremely cold climates

Energized the event with audio systems optimized for the Venue

All-weather speakers turned up the heat in snowy Nagano

Video Adjucation System

Helped to smoothly expedite the competition through its Sports Visual Judging System, which fully utilized AV technology.

Multi-video streaming system

Panasonic's multi-video streaming system offered a new way of watching sports.

360-degree live camera

Panasonic's 360-degree live cameras shot footage of the competitions to meet the diversifying needs of sports video.