Torino 2006

Technology Solutions to Support the Olympic Games

Broadcasting Equipment Supported the Olympic Games International Feed Production
with Highly-Reliable Equipment,
Fully Functional Even in the Extreme Cold

Photo: HD camera recorder and panoramic view of the stadium where the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games Torino 2006 was held

At the Olympic Winter Games Torino 2006, in addition to DVCPRO 50, the DVCPRO HD was used as the official video recording format to record high-definition video. In addition, Panasonic supplied equipment for the sixth consecutive Olympic Games, and introduced the P2HD, the industry’s first broadcasting video camera to employ semiconductor memory, to the Host Broadcaster and the IBC (International Broadcast Centre).

Photo: Cameraperson using a DVCPRO 50 at one of the venues of the Olympic Winter Games Torino 2006
Photo: Staff working with multiple monitors at the International Broadcast Center (IBC)