PyeongChang 2018

Large video display equipment provided communications with the largest number of screens ever to be used at the Winter Olympic Games

RAMSA returned in a higher spec than ever to fill the venues with sound

Projector displays for competition venues and 4K theaters

Broadcasting equipment, including recorder, camera and monitor, supporting faster, high-quality transmission for the 4K era

Opening/Closing Ceremony in the intense cold supported by the latest technologies and precise operation

Multi-angle video streaming system turns spectators' smartphones into secondary screens

360-degree live cameras shoot sports footage for on-demand streaming needs

Rio 2016

Video Solutions Now Indispensable to the Olympic Games

Assisting the Judging Process with Video Technology

Supporting Olympic Games Broadcasting in each host broadcaster with More Advanced Functionality

Supported the Visual Production of an Unforgettable Ceremony, Etched in Olympic Games History

Achieving the Largest Delivery in History within a Tight Schedule

Supported Aspects of Safety Previously Viewed with Apprehension

Sochi 2014

Professional display: Total Surface Area of 1,727 m2

Broadcasting Equipment: Delivering the Excitement of the Games with Cutting-Edge Visual Technology

DLP Projector: The Visual Collaborative Event Between Two TOP Sponsors

Security System: A Record Number Monitored the Safety of the Games

Total Solutions: Success at Sochi 2014 Enhanced Panasonic’s Brand Recognition

London 2012

DLP Projector : The 20,000 Lumens of Brightness Accomplished by Teamwork

Large-Screen Display System:Excellent Teamwork and Product Design Led to a Record Order

103-inch Plasma Display: The Compact and High-Definition Display that Resolved Venue-Specific Challenges

Security System: As Many As 2,500 Cameras Monitored All Venues

Digital Broadcasting System: The Olympic Video Continues to be Cutting-Edge Thanks to Broadcasting Technology

Vancouver 2010

AV Technology Delivered the Thrills of the Opening Ceremony to All

Beijing 2008

Large-Screen Display System:Delivered Excitement Throughout the Arena over Seven Consecutive Games

RAMSA Professional Audio System: Dynamic Sounds that Enrich the Opening and Closing Ceremonies 

The Key to Success at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games “Teamwork”

Beijing Heats Up As It Counts Down to the Opening Ceremony Preparedness

Public Events : Setting the Mood Outside the Arena for Beijing 2008 

Athens 2004

Large-Screen Display System: The Production Lifeline to the Opening Ceremony

RAMSA: The Audio System Developed Specifically for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games

Broadcasting Equipment: Supporting IBC, the Nucleus of Olympic Broadcasting

Salt Lake 2002

Large-Screen Display System: Elevating Performance at Every Olympics

The Solidarity of the Team: Overcoming Crises and Leading the Games to Success

Sydney 2000

Large-Screen Display System: Conveying Excitement and Passion Across Sydney

RAMSA: Sound Support at the Largest Scale Ever

Digital Broadcasting System: Construction of a Fully-Digital Broadcasting System for the IBC, the World’s Largest Broadcasting Station

Nagano 1998

Large-Screen Display System: Energizing the Crowd at Each Stadium

RAMSA: Highly Directional Speakers Considerate of its Surroundings

Atlanta 1996

Digital Broadcast System: The Build-Out of the IBC, the First Such Major Undertaking by a Japanese Company

Broadcasting Equipment: Specialty Cameras Produced New Ways to Enjoy Sports

Barcelona 1992

Broadcasting Equipment: Panasonic’s Visual Technology of the Future and Its Inclusion at the Games